In Many Ways, Kagan's Like Obama

Capt. Pete Hegseth, who testified during the Kagan hearings today as a witness for the Republicans, told HUMAN EVENTS that Kagan in many ways reminds him of Barack Obama. Hegseth is chairman of the organization Vets for Freedom and is currently in graduate school at Harvard.

“In some sense, she’s very similar to President Obama — very careful track record in elite institutions where everybody looks at her as credible and smart and a thinker,” Hegseth said. “[She] has been very careful not to talk too much about what she actually thinks things on really contentious [issues].”

Hegseth said it’s almost like she voted “present.”

But one red flag he’s noticed is her decision to keep the military from the Harvard campus recruiting office because the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy violates the school’s one of anti-discrimination. Hegseth said he’s been paying close attention to Kagan’s testimony over the past few days regarding the military recruitment issue and thought she glazed over her actions.

He told HUMAN EVENTS that he didn’t have any more confidence in Kagan as a Supreme Court justice after her testimony.

During his testimony, Hegseth detailed several of Kagan’s actions or non-actions that seem inconsistent with her decision to keep the military out of Harvard’s recruitment office because of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He pointed out that Kagan welcomed to Harvard many congressman who voted for the law, and that the law school took money from Saudi Arabia, where being a homosexual is punishable by death.

“Rather than confront the Congressional source of the policy – or take a stand against a country that executes homosexuals – Ms. Kagan zeroed in on military recruiters for a policy they neither authored, nor emphasized,” Hegseth said in his testimony.