Sec. Salazar Found!

Update 12:30 pm:

Salazar didn’t hang around long enough to go through a complete round of questions.  Reps.  Cassidy and Fleming, both Republicans from Louisiana got in some tough questions.  And I spoke to each of them about the de facto moratorium on shallow water drilling in the Gulf.

All drilling was shut down in the Gulf after the explosion, to include shallow water drilling.  But the administration says shallow water is a go.  Yet they’re requiring all shallow water wells to re-permit and follow new guidelines.  They have issued two permits for shallow water drilling then they revoked them. 

Is there a de facto shallow water drilling moratorium in the Gulf?  More from Cassidy and Fleming in my full report.  Watch for it!


Last week, we reported here on HUMAN EVENTS the House oversight hearing postponement for testimony from Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

The hearing that was postponed was designed to get answers from Salazar about the response (or more appropriately the lack thereof) of the executive branch to this oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico short of blaming everyone within pointing distance.

I’m happy to report Salazar has been found!

He is testifying as we speak before the House Natural Resources Committee in support of more legislation to regulate the oil and gas industry called the CLEAR Act.

It would be nice if they’d start by enforcing the laws they have.  The Obama administration has failed miserably in its response to the oil spill.

I’m in the room for the hearing and will update as news breaks — and look for a more in-depth report of the latest from the Gulf including interviews with some on the front lines of the battle like Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Rep. John Fleming (R-La.).

Stay tuned!