A Partial-Birth Confirmation?

Brace youself: Evidence that Elena Kagan helped write a "scientific" memorandum on partial-birth abortion. It’s a long article, but the easiest way to summarize it is as the "ClimateGate" of the abortion debate. As Yuval Levin explains:

It seems that the most important statement in the famous position paper of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—a 1996 document that was central to the case of partial-birth-abortion defenders for the subsequent decade and played a major role in a number of court cases and political battles—was drafted not by an impartial committee of physicians, as both ACOG and the pro-abortion lobby claimed for years, but by Elena Kagan, who was then the deputy assistant to the president for domestic policy.

Joseph Lawler of The American Spectator:

Given the memos [Shannen] Coffin provides in his article, it’s hard to see how Kagan could explain away her significant rewriting of the statement, which directly affected policy relating to partial-birth abortion. But maybe she can. A senator should give her the opportunity during the hearings. 

Put this in the context of the extensive dossier developed by Americans United for Life in "The Kagan Files," and it looks like Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings will be must-see TV.