AUDIO: I Now Pronounce You Kagan and Barry

Is Michelle and Barry O’s marriage a sham?  Perhaps.  Like Bill and Hill’s?  Not quite.  Like Al Gore and his new life partner, Extra-Large-Frozen-Gary?  No one is that lucky.  However, beyond the simple schoolgirl crush that Barry displayed last summer for Sonia Sotomayor, there appears to be an older kismet that has stayed hidden to the public until now: the President LOVES Elena Kagan.  Hey, don’t look at FRX aghast!  We asked our girl friends, and we asked our guy friends…and no one can explain it to us.  Plus, we’re still waiting for the lab results on the ‘XY’ chromosome count.  But above all else, know this: Kagan’s sole Supreme Court qualifier (in the eyes of Barry) isn’t her resume.  It’s their passionate truck stop love for each other.  It’s time for Michelle Obama to get out of the faux garden and take a look around.  And it’s time for you to click and listen: