The Eight Most Irritating Liberal Celebrities

On screen, many of these celebrities entertain us—they make us laugh and make us cry.
But when they turn political, what was once a fun, entertaining, and dare I say quasi-intelligent celebrity, turns into the most annoying, irritating dullards we’ve ever come across.

Normally, their silly political beliefs would be cast aside—we wouldn’t even hear about them! But due to their celebrity, we’re forced to endure their stupidity.

Here are eight celebrities, in descending order, whose fat mouths we can certainly do without.

8. Robert Redford
Actor/director/eco-nutjob Robert Redford won’t admit it, but he’s happy with the BP oil leak in the gulf. Indeed, he points out in an NRDC video that America might have needed such a catastrophe to wake us up from our dependence not just on oil, but our reliance on what he calls “propaganda” from the oil companies.

Redford is like many liberals, taking advantage of a crisis and using it as a political tool to push his utopian views of what our energy policy should be. After all, his career as a filmmaker has equipped him with the expert knowledge to advise the country on energy policy. Simply saying the country should be powered by wind and solar energy doesn’t mean it’s a possibility with the technology that is currently available; not to mention that it wouldn’t be enough to maintain the country’s current energy needs. Someone who knows nothing, but makes comments with the confidence that he knows what he’s talking about, is pretty darn annoying.

7. Matt Damon
Between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Matt obviously has been blessed with a pretty stellar career. He’s an Oscar winner who’s made millions of off some pretty good flicks (the Bourne series, Oceans 11, the Departed). But then he had to open his mouth and tell us what he thinks about the political scene. He made headlines in 2008 when he decided to take on Sarah Palin in a disgusting display of sexism, telling the Associated Press that the mere notion of a “hockey mom” taking on President Vladimir Putin is “terrifying.” Not very long ago, his film Green Zone also made headlines—not just for being anti-war and anti-troops, but for bombing big time in the box office. Matt, we liked you better when you did good movies and stopped telling us how to think or who we should vote for, ok?

6. Al Gore

Sure, he was a forgettable Vice President who could never steal the spotlight away from Bill Clinton, but his post-politics career has turned him into an internationally known celebrity. Heck, he’s even won an Oscar! Too bad his celebrity is due, in part, to environmentalist propaganda in a film that many respected scientists and critics said was full of inaccuracies, exaggerations and half-truths.

Of course, that won’t stop Gore from pushing his environmentalist agenda down our throats with a strategy of inflicting fear in those of us who don’t believe his gospel. Oh my, if we don’t follow the Golden Rule of “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” to save water, well, we may all just die from rising tides, the sun falling out of the sky and other such nonsense.

We just don’t buy it and there’s nothing more annoying than a salesman who keeps pitching the same bogus product over and over again.

5. Janeane Garofalo

When stupid rains, stupid pours and every time Janeane Garofalo opens her yap, the public faces a flash flood of malarkey. Janeane thinks she’s smarter than everyone who doesn’t think like she does. And to think like she does, we’d be required to believe any black American who is a conservative, is “self loathing.”

You see, Janeane is so smart she even knows what it’s like to be black! But in reality, she’s not smart—she’s angry.

She’s upset that she’s never been able to break into leading-lady status in films or TV; she’s upset that her radio show was a critical and ratings bomb; she’s upset that her supposedly “savvy” humor only appeals to other pretentious liberals whose idea of a fun night out on the town is to attend a reading by Noam Chomsky. She’s upset that the average American—those of us who work hard to make a living, have sensible views on politics, and don’t eat organic brown rice—has rejected what she’s trying to do with her career. And how does she respond? By bashing us, labeling us as conservative extremists, and taking every opportunity to tell us how much better she is. Unlike her, however, we have a healthy dose of self-esteem and know she’s coming from an angry, dark place.

Most of us just feel sorry for her.

4. Joy Behar
“The View” co-host and current HLN anchor Joy Behar epitomizes what most normal Americans hate about East Coast liberals. She’s loud, trashy and ignorant of reality. To make herself feel better, she seemingly does nothing but mock Republicans. Joy has routinely described Sarah Palin as stupid (side note: whose career do you think has been a tad more successful and meaningful—Palin’s or Behar’s?), pretends liberalism is the only belief that can allow a woman to be independent and strong, laughed at former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart attack, and can turn even a story about a philandering Tiger Woods into a rant against conservatives. She’s a comedienne who has lost her ability to be funny because she’s become a political ideologue.

3. Michael Moore
Faux-documentarian Michael Moore hates America. He hates capitalism. He hates freedom. He does like, however, the Americans he dupes into handing him their hard-earned dollars. He loves using capitalism as a means to make millions of dollars. He loves the freedom to lie and manipulate in his films. In essence, he hates the very things he’s used for years to make a profit. He is a selfish man who likes to use the system to get ahead, but scolds anyone else who uses the same systems more honestly than he does. He’s a male, morbidly obese American version of Leni Riefenstahl, and there’s nothing more irritating than a hypocrite.

2. Rosie O’Donnell

Like too many other unfunny female comediennes, Rosie is an unabashed liberal. She recently defended Helen Thomas’ vile comments telling Jews to leave Israel and go back to Poland and Germany. She has gone on record saying the United States government “should seize BP and all of its assets” because of their allegedly criminal behavior (no, not incompetence, but criminal behavior). She goes on to compare BP to the 9/11 terrorists. Back in 2006, Rosie was one of the Kool-Aid drinkers who believed President George W. Bush was a war criminal and master conspirator who purposefully lied to the American people so he could go to war with Saddam, a tyrant who would still be alive and in power if Rosie were in charge. This is a woman who says what she thinks, before actually running the comment through any sort of logic or intelligence filter. So, in other words, she’s a pretty typical liberal elite.

1. Roger Ebert

How is it possible for a man to be smart enough to analyze movies rather brilliantly, but be so utterly ridiculous when it comes to analyzing conservatives. Roger Ebert provides top-notch reviews of films (though his review of Kick-Ass was just plain wrong), and that’s definitely what he should stick to. Ever since his surgery to treat cancer, which left him unable to speak, Roger has taken to Twitter, where he’s subsequently posted over 10,000 annoying messages.

He seemingly posts hundreds of tweets a day, which is irritating in and of itself, but every so often he’ll just make some asinine lefty political comment. He recently posted a link to a video that said Alvin Greene would make a better senator than Jim DeMint; posts to an anonymous Playboy expose on the Tea Party; reprints tweets by Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas; and in particular, he has a curious obsession with Glenn Beck.

I don’t understand what it must be like to have lost the ability to speak, but I can certainly comprehend why Twitter is so appealing to Roger. But you know what’s annoying? A bozo with too much time on his hands who constantly posts hackneyed jokes and comments slamming people who believe in a competing ideology.