Audio: Liberal Jeopardy

The Kook Lib Media is getting desperate. Why? Because Obama equals EPIC FAIL; that’s why! The cigarette-smoking-Bama has essentially been ‘King Midas In Reverse’ since he was sworn into office. Except now, PRESTO: Everything turns into crap, not gold! While you’re reading, do FRX a favor and cue up The Hollies. On the economy, how’s that stimulus working out, champ? Did you plug hole yet, Daddy? Nope. Every terrorist this side of MSNBC is attempting to figure out a way to attack this nation, but hey, look on the bright side. Obama’s golf game has improved to three under par. Bravo, schmuck! The Democrats are faring no better in their loss of political clout … so what have they and the White House done to rehabilitate and reeducate the American people on the glories of Marxism? They’ve called in their secret weapon: Alex Trebek! Click the player below and you’ll see.