Obama: The Boy Who Would Be a Man

Barack Obama is, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, a “man-child.” He is a boy who would be a man, a weakling who wants to look strong, and an inexperienced politician who wants so much to be a venerated leader.

To the chagrin of our nation, he is also our President: a fact that sane people, including many who inexplicably voted for Obama, are starting to regret more and more as time goes by.

It was in December 2006, long before Obama secured the Democrat presidential nomination, that the American public got their first glimpse at the man-child’s weaknesses. He had just finished speaking in Manchester, N.H., to a gathering of Democratic Party members, when he took the occasion to “put [Maureen Dowd] on notice” for making fun of his ears.

Two months earlier, Dowd had simply commented on what everyone with two eyes had noticed about the man-child: namely, that his “ears stick out.” And upon seeing Dowd in Manchester, Obama made it a point to inform her that his ears were off limits for the press:
“I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.”

When news of this broke, common-sense voices around the nation immediately began to ask how a man who couldn’t handle criticism about his anatomy was ever going to handle fighting a war on terror against Islamofascists?

Since then, the answer has been crystal clear: The man-child is not going to handle the war on terror very well at all. The Los Angeles Times reported that after just ten weeks in office, the Obama Administration declared “the global war on terror…over, gone, kaput, finito.” Not that it was really over then, anymore than it is over now: rather, the man-child simply made it clear that we weren’t supposed to use the phrase “war on terror” anymore.
The refusal to call terror “terror” was recently complimented by the announcement that the administration will “no longer make references to radical Islamic extremism or jihad.”

There was no mention as to whether references can still be made about the fact that those guys who live in caves in the Middle East are fond of exploding car bombs, blowing up airliners, and cutting off the heads of infidels for religious reasons.

So instead of fighting to win, the man-child has taken Neville Chamberlain’s failing approach of appeasing to win. It is an approach that never has worked and never will.

Then there’s the economy that Obama was going to fix. He campaigned on spreading the wealth and instead has spread unemployment. In other words, he promised “hope” and “change,” yet his policies have put many in a position of hoping they have enough change in their pockets to get through the day.

As the bloggers at The Strong Conservative put it: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama has no idea what he’s doing.”

The citizens around the Gulf Coast know these things better than anyone, as they watch not only their scenic beaches but their very livelihoods drown in oil.

It’s mindboggling to think that the man-child’s ineptitude is so great that a spill which began in mid-April still poses a real and incalculable danger to state economies around the Gulf of Mexico in June and far beyond. The incompetence behind this growing disaster is only highlighted by the fact that many countries offered their expertise in oil-spill cleanup within three days of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, yet the boy who would be a man declined the help.

Who knows, maybe one of the foreigners on the oil-spill cleanup crews made fun of Obama’s ears. Or maybe one of them actually took the war on terror seriously. Or maybe one of them is actually on record mocking the man-child’s floundering promises of “hope” and “change.”

Odds are the boy who would be a man just assumed he had everything under control.

Therefore he told them “no thanks,” then went out to play a few (dozen) rounds of golf while hard working Americans in Louisiana and elsewhere continued efforts to contain the oil before it reaches their shores.

Either the way the point is clear: Jonah Goldberg is right in saying, “the President is in over his head.”