Conservative Women Beware

Nikki Haley is the most recent example of the abhorrent way conservative women are treated in the media and sometimes by people in their own party. You have to expect dirty politics in campaigns but the level of vitriol against conservative women has reached an unacceptable level.

Haley will probably be the next governor of South Carolina. But not before her fidelity and faith were questioned. First, a blogger and a lobbyist (two shining examples of integrity) alleged they had affairs with Haley. According to Nathan Burchfiel of the Culture and Media Institute, of the 42 stories mentioning Haley on Election Day, 37 mentioned the unsubstantiated claims of infidelity. To this day, there has been no proof, but most articles still mention the allegations.

Ann Coulter opened the door to the onslaught by the liberal media to bash conservative women. But since the Age of Palin in 2008, the stakes have gotten much higher.

Conservative women are leading the Tea Party Movement and more conservative women are running for office than ever before.

The mainstream media just can’t stand attractive, smart women who are proudly pro-life and proudly clinging to their “Guns, God and Religion,” to paraphrase our President. The mainstream media can’t understand how a woman can be conservative and, if they are, they are portrayed as “dunces or demons.” 

I’ve never understood that thought process. Sarah Palin was supposed to be so dumb, but at the same time her plot to gain power was so complex it would fool everyone she meets. She can’t be an evil genius and a dunce, but that’s what the mainstream media would have you think.

Then came Michele Bachmann and the left became unhinged. Elected in 2006, Bachmann is a tax attorney, mother of a large family of biological kids (5) and foster kids (23 and counting), married and attractive. She landed on the hit list of Pelosi and every other liberal in the mainstream media. There’s a F*** Michele Bachman concert tour by some rapper I’ve never heard of. She also landed in a Playboy article with a list of lewd acts associated with her and nine other conservative women. And people read Playboy for the articles?

Bachmann says she hasn’t had to beef up security around her, yet but when these kinds of “filthy words and descriptions of lewd actions” come out, you have to take security into account. “The Playboy article was so bad, it made Playboy blush,” Bachmann said. “They had to remove or scrub the story from their website because it was so graphic in depictions against me and nine other women.”

Bachmann recently appeared on my radio program and commented on the attacks. She said, “I only know from my own experience that that’s what I have had in my state and also on the national level. Clearly there is an effort to silence the voices of conservative women.”

She says there is a great deal of nasty stuff going on. And since getting on Pelosi’s hit list, it appears the attacks are ramping up on Bachmann.

Bachmann asks, “How can you defend that?  This would never happen to liberal women candidates, it just would not happen. If it was a liberal woman, the media would be outraged and justifiably so.” Bachmann goes on, “When they cover the Tea Parties, they see one sign that puts President Obama in a negative light and they go crazy. But when it comes to conservative women, it’s open season.” 

When asked why she and other conservative women have become targets, she said, “I’m not afraid to call the President Obama out. I bring attention to what they are doing.”

There is a line between jokes and waging war on conservative women. I admit that I’ve had some fun noting that Nancy Pelosi has had one too many Botox injections.  The woman’s face does not move. There is difference between that and wishing a sexual assault in graphic detail on her. 

In March, Colleen Raezler of the Culture and Media Institute put together a list of the most disgusting attacks on conservative women. The most interesting thing about this list is these are mainstream media sources. There are certainly inappropriate comments made about liberal women, but not in mainstream news sources. Liberal women have to be tiptoed around as not to engender a claim of sexism. Not so for conservative women. It’s open season because smart women aren’t supposed to be conservative. At least, they aren’t supposed to talk about it and certainly aren’t supposed to win elections and ascend to power in America.

What you don’t see is people taking on conservative women, based on the issues. When they talk about your looks, your smarts and demonize you because you are a conservative women, it’s because you are taking something from them—their power.