Hillary Clinton Planning To Challenge Obama in 2012?

“Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should switch jobs,” writes Sally Quinn in an online column in The Washington Post. Quinn is a not a political reporter, so I assume she’s floating this idea as the behest of someone who’s trying to build up Hillary Clinton’s political support. Although Quinn explains the enormous constitutional hurdles for this job switch, she still writes:  “Take it seriously.”

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While no one else in Washington is reporting that President Obama will ask Biden to step down as vice president before or after the 2012 campaign, some do believe that Hillary Clinton is planning to run against Obama in the Democratic primary in 2012.

The theory is that in the next year, Hillary will disagree with Obama publicly over a foreign policy and resign in protest. She will then use the issue as a hook to run against him in the Democratic primary for president.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Weddings Plans

Some details of the top-secret wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky leaked to “New York” magazine:

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When:  July 31, 2010

Where: Undisclosed location (though, doubtfully Dick Cheney will be there). A week before the nuptials, wedding guests will be notified of the location, which is within a three hour drive of New York City. 

Who: 400 guests will include big donors to her parents, but Chelsea has instituted a “no-strangers policy: She must personally know every invitee.”

Still unclear is whether the groom’s mother,  former Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, (D-Pa.), will allow her ex-husband, former Rep. Edward Mezvinsky (D-Iowa), to attend the wedding. The father of the groom pleaded guilty in 2002 to swindling investors and served five years in prison.  Ed Mezvinsky is on federal probation and owes almost $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.

What: Chelsea, a Methodist, has been embracing her Jewish fiancé’s faith by study and attendance at holiday services, but it remains unknown whether the couple will be married in a civil or religious ceremony.

Tiger Woods Baby Drama

At the U.S. Open Monday, Tiger Woods was already playing badly when a plane buzzed overhead with the banner “Tiger: Are you My Daddy?” The banner is a reference to the two women who have claimed that Tiger is the father of their children. Porn star Devon James filed a paternity action suit against Woods last Thursday, TMZ reported, claiming he’s the father of her nine-year-old son.


Also, although Tiger vowed two months ago he’d never again skip his children’s birthdays, he missed his daughter Sam’s third birthday on Friday. His estranged wife Elin Woods threw a birthday party for their daughter in Florida while Tiger played golf at Pebble Beach.

In early April, Tiger told reporters that the most difficult part of his stay in “sex rehab” was that: “I missed my son’s first birthday. And that hurts, and that hurts a lot, and I vowed I would never miss another one after that. I can’t go back to where I was. I want to be a part of my son’s life and my daughter’s life going forward. And I missed his first birthday. I mean, that’s — that was very hard that day and something I regret. And I probably will for the rest of my life.”

On Fathers Day, Tiger Woods did not see any of his children —  legitimate or not.

Will Joran Van Der Sloot Get Away With Murder?

After describing in detail how he murder Stephany Flores with his bare hands, Joran van der Sloot retracted his confession Monday, claiming he was coerced by the Peruvian police. "I was very scared and confused during the interrogations and wanted to get away," he said in an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf from his prison cell.

  Photo – Associated Press

Van der Sloot has also confessed and then retracted to killing American Natalee Halloway, who was murdered in Aruba five years ago. Seeing the pattern, Washington DC attorney Donald Edmond correctly predicted from day one that van der Sloot would recant his confession.

In Aruba, van der Sloot was mostly likely taking advice from his father, Paul, a prominent judge. By giving false confessions and intentionally lying to authorities, van der Sloot was able “to create enough evidentiary inconsistencies to benefit from Aruba’s reasonable doubt criminal standard and elude prosecution for the Holloway murder,” explains Edmonds.

Now, van der Sloot is attempting “the same method of evasion he tried in Aruba… to raise reasonable doubt,” says Edmonds. Peru, however,  doesn’t apply reasonable doubt. “Peru has a form of our ‘preponderance’ rule,” according to Edmond, “which means guilt if the evidence before the court makes it ‘more likely than not’ that the accused committed murder.”  In short, if van der Sloot had gone forward with his planned meeting with the judge today, he would have sealed his guilty plea and jail time.

The conniving van der Sloot also attempted to get out of a long jail sentence by exploiting a Peruvian law called the "Rule of Honest Confession." Edmond says that the rule “reduces penalty for murder… to as little as 6 years.”

So, serial killer van der Sloot may have finally tripped up by using his same shenanigans but not having the legal counsel of his father this time. He’ll likely go to jail in Peru for a long time (and be tortured by other prisoners most Latin American experts say), but to get van der Sloot to tell Natalee Holloway’s parents finally where he put her body, will take more coercion.

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