FMK 9C1 Pistol Gets GUNS Centerfold

For readers of this column familiar with my antics—I poisoned myself with lead, and almost knocked my block off when an experimental plastic slide blew up (checkout Slinging Lead)—you might like to see that we have been featured as gun of the month in GUNS magazine, and they’re doing a giveaway, so sign up and win a 9C1.

Over the last couple of months I have shared with all of you my laments and challenges in trying to do business here in California.  Some have chastised me for being a whiner; perhaps the best advice came when a reader suggested I move to Virginia where people actually defend the right to own guns! 

I must admit the prospect of moving is an appealing one, however, I do believe Providence has a plan for all of us, and sometimes that plan includes dealing with a little discomfort along the way. 

Pastor Phillip at my church, from Ireland, an ex-cop, Protestant, weaned from days when Catholics and Protestants shot and killed each other in the old country, tells me, "Hardship is purifying for the soul". 

I’ve been working on this product for ten years.  I’m feeling quite purified!

If you are wondering what FMK stands for—For My Kountry, and 9C1—9mm,
Compact, Model 1.  It’s a DAO pistol, with a 10 round magazine (California limit).  And yeah, I have learned many of you won’t buy a piece with a ten round limited mag.  You’ll be happy to know within a few months, a 14 round mag will be available, outside of California, as long as Cal DOJ cooperates. 

And yeah, I also have learned many of you don’t want a piece that is DAO.  The 9C1 pistol was designed with concealed carry in mind.  DAO is much better for that purpose than any single action or Glock.  You can disagree with me, but before you get too indignant in your opinion you might ask Plaxico Burress his thoughts on the matter.  You’ll find him in New York State Prison, sentenced on illegal weapons charges. 

While at a New York night club, Plaxico shot himself in the leg when he tried to grab a Glock that fell down his pants.  Mayor Bloomberg got all bent out of shape and made comments demanding the justice system throw the book at him.

I’m not suggesting you buy our gun to conceal illegally, but if you’re a little dense in the noggin you need to find the safest gun you can.  The 9C1 was designed for safety and it lacks any protruding elements making snags very unlikely.

P.S. If you think Plaxico Burress is dumb, you ought to check out Positive Reactivity Coefficient.  Soviet engineers did something back in 1986 that makes Plaxico look like a genius, and now we are trying it here in America!

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