EMILY's List Targets Palin, Bachmann

My mother recently received some interesting mail. Upon opening it, she quickly enjoyed a hearty laugh. Dad soon stuck it in an envelope and sent it my way.

So, what summer gift did the Bilas receive in the mail this year? A request for donations from EMILY’s List. We’ll get to the accompanying letter soon enough—and trust me, you won’t want to miss some of the priceless quotes—but first, a look at the women behind the madness.

EMILY’s List is a left-wing women’s organization that was founded in 1985. According to the organization’s website, “EMILY is an acronym for ‘Early Money Is Like Yeast’ (it helps the dough rise).”

Its self-proclaimed mission reads: “EMILY’s List is dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.” It recruits pro-choice Democratic female candidates, requests donations from members to help fund those candidates, offers training for staff and candidates, and carries on “in-depth, ongoing research into the minds and moods of women voters, a critical bloc for Democrats whose votes are key to electing more women.”

In addition, their “WOMEN VOTE! project reaches out to women voters in the days and weeks before Election Day with persuasive messages that motivate them to go to the polls and cast their ballots for progressive Democrats.”

EMILY’s List’s 2010 candidates include Barbara Boxer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robin Carnahan, Barbara Mikulski, and 24 others. features a historical timeline that includes such headings as “Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly gay congresswoman,” “Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House,” “EMILY’s List endorses Hillary Clinton for president,” and “President Barack Obama names four EMILY’s List alumnae to his cabinet.”

According to its website, it has raised $78,595,737 for candidates since 1985 and its community currently consists of 379,689 members. It also recently launched

The online bio of EMILY’s List’s President, Stephanie Schriock, says that she “has been described as ‘inspirational,’ a ‘star in American politics’… and she can make Senator Al Franken laugh while she’s doing it.”

I was amused beyond measure to see a featured timeline image of EMILY’s List founder and current Chair of the Board of Directors, Ellen Malcolm, standing beside President Bill Clinton with a big smile on her face. Now if Slick Willy doesn’t complement a pro-woman venture, I don’t know who does.

Let’s get to the meaty packet EMILY’s List put together for my Limbaugh-loving, pro-Palin, dresses-her-cats-in-Tea-Party-gear mother. The enclosed donation form leads with this: “I WILL STAND UP TO SARAH PALIN’S THREATS AND LIES.”

They were even so kind as to make up a little membership card with my mom’s full name and an ID number. An enclosed pamphlet features “REPUBLICANS ARE ON THE ATTACK!” on one side, followed by quotes from Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Michele Bachmann.

The other side houses an image of Palin’s “controversial” SARAHPAC map, which highlighted the names of 20 House Democrats from districts McCain/Palin carried in 2008 who voted for Obamacare and featured crosshairs over those districts on a U.S. map.

The EMILY’s List pamphlet reads “FOUR EMILY’S LIST CANDIDATES ARE ON PALIN’S TARGET LIST” and “Help protect the pro-choice Democratic women who are already enduring vicious Republican attacks.”

And now, for the coup-de-grace, some quotes from the enclosed letter from EMILY’s List’s President:

“I’m writing to you because I am frustrated and worried about America’s future. As a progressive activist, I think you may be too.” (I wonder if my mom had to lower the volume on to pay full attention.)

“‘No’ to economic stimulus … ‘No’ to health care reform … ‘No’ to addressing climate change … ‘No’ to every single major initiative we have tried to advance.” (Correction, Ms. Schriock: It was “no” to a government overhaul of the healthcare industry, not “no to health care reform.” See for details. Oh, and while we’re at it, can you add in “No to backroom deals, false promises, and empty rhetoric”?)

“After watching the GOP’s shenanigans over the past year, there can be no doubt of their intentions, what they are capable of, and how far they will go to attack and tear down our Democratic candidates.” (You know, shenanigans like proposing cost-efficient alternatives, exposing lies, and challenging a lack of transparency. The audacity!)

There were plenty of digs into Michele Bachmann, which tells me what I already know: she’s doing something very, very right. Ms. Schriock clearly has a flair for the dramatic, with such statements as these definitely soap opera-worthy: “Republicans are smelling blood and will stop at nothing to motivate their conservative base” and “We must act with tenacity and determination to prevent the GOP from manipulating their way back into power—and into our lives.”

Much like many other supposedly pro-woman organizations (see NOW and Planned Parenthood for details), the priority of EMILY’s List is to foster a pro-abortion culture in America. A close second is to promote a comprehensive, far-left agenda under the guise of doing what’s best for women. Palin and Bachmann may be at the top of their figurative hit list, but don’t expect the likes of Nikki Haley or Sharron Angle to be too far behind.

Thank you to EMILY’s List for the much-needed entertainment (Mom says thanks, too!). Unfortunately, Mom won’t be able to help you guys out with some cash, but she has offered to mail you a very special photo of her and her three cats wearing “Read My Lipstick” tees (“RUSH IS RIGHT” bumper sticker included free!).