Teddy Kennedy Revealed

The FBI released over 2,000 pages from their files on Monday concerning the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. The files further solidify Teddy’s image as a promiscuous, immoral, trembling blob of sexual excitement. 

Most people will read about “sex-parties with John, Bobby, Marilyn Monroe, rat pack members” and think nothing of it. This seems about par for the course, doesn’t it?

The most surprising fact about the late senator is that he received the public Catholic funeral of a saint! Despite towing an ardently pro-abortion agenda for decades, despite advocating for so-called “gay marriage,” and despite using countless women as tools for instant gratification, he received a funeral fit for a saint. Did he really deserve this? Is this the sort of man that the American Catholic Church should venerate? 

Sen. Kennedy’s sexual escapades have become legendary. These recent details revealed by FBI files only confirm the legend. When Kennedy died there was an outpouring of sympathy and many wanted to simply forget about all such transgressions because “after all, no one is perfect.” This was typical post-death sentiment but to sweep his transgressions under the rug is simply disrespectful to women everywhere especially to those he used for his own pleasure.

Keep in mind Sen. Edward Kennedy was once a staunch pro-lifer. He was raised in a devoutly Roman Catholic Family and he understood that abortion was (and is) the taking of an innocent life. His church’s stance on this issue has never wavered. The earliest condemnation of this practice can be found in the Didache (~50 AD), a prominent writing of the early church fathers, and to this day the Holy Sea considers abortion to be murder. According to the Catechism, an act procuring abortion carries the penalty of excommunication. Can anybody really doubt that Kennedy’s vote against a ban on partial-birth abortion was such procurement?

As Teddy grew of age he realized that if he wanted to rise in the ranks of the Democratic Party he would have to compromise with his moral standards. He would have to adopt the gay-rights and pro-abortion agendas. Edward Kennedy had to choose between his Catholic faith and the Democratic Party and he chose the Democratic Party.

It may sound mean spirited to say that he did not deserve a Catholic funeral but that was really his own choice. The Democratic Party could have hosted a memorial service for him but the Catholic funeral he actually received reeked of irony.