The Atheist-Dominated National Academy of Sciences

It is important for us to understand the mindset of the hierarchy of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) because they are the ones whose alleged expertise on “global warming” will justify the Democrats’ cap-and-tax legislation. Over the last 50 years, the NAS hierarchy has become one of the most poisonous organizations in America, a nest of atheists who base their pseudo-scientific dogma on the arbitrary rejection of God, and not upon empirical evidence and the scientific method.

As the author of Sowing Atheism: the National Academy of Sciences’ Sinister Scheme to Teach Our Children They’re Descended from Reptiles, let me tell you what I know about the mindset of the members of the NAS hierarchy and their utter corruption of the search for truth in nature.

In 2008, NAS published Science, Evolution, and Creationism, a book sent to every public school board member and science teacher in America. The book’s message: Darwinian evolution is the only acceptable explanation for human origins. The book treats the intelligent-design hypothesis as invalid without presenting a shred of empirical evidence to contradict it.

The pseudo-scientific method of the NAS begins, not with a valid hypothesis or empirical evidence, but rather with the arbitrary rejection of a Creator/Designer and atheist materialism deduced as a fact. One of the 18 NAS book committee members, Neil deGrasse Tyson, revealed this at a friendly atheists’ conference in 2006. At 40:45 of his presentation, Tyson remarked to fellow atheist, Lawrence Krause:

“I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences reject God, I want to know why 15% of the National Academy don’t. That’s really what we’ve got to address here. Otherwise, the public is secondary to this… Lawrence, if you can’t convert our colleagues, why do you have any hope that you’re going to convert the public?”

A few moments later, atheist panelist Michael Shermer suggested that the true figure of NAS scientists who reject God is 93%.

Having dismissed the valid design hypothesis as impossible in their atheist/materialist cosmos, the NAS writers feel free to assert over and over in Science, Evolution, and Creationism, that macro-evolution/Darwinian evolution is a "fact."

The beauty of the NAS’s atheist/materialist approach is that no empirical evidence is needed to “prove” that mankind evolved over hundreds of millions of years from slime and worms. Once our Creator is denied, all that is left to explain our existence is time and chance.

The NAS writers as much as admit that they lack the empirical evidence required for the two key elements of their “fact:” the alleged evolution of the sexes and speciation itself:

“There remain many interesting questions about evolution, such as the evolutionary origin of sex or different mechanisms of speciation.”

Out of the two million or so species on this planet, the NAS writers cannot pick a single one (a pine tree, shark, anchovy, potato, human, eagle, firefly, bumblebee, etc.) and identify, with empirical evidence, the species from which it evolved. Nor can they produce any empirical evidence for the evolution of the sexes.

The NAS writers turn the time-tested scientific method on its head. Instead of beginning with a hypothesis, they begin with Darwinian evolution acclaimed as fact. Working backwards, against the grain of true science, they attempt to develop a theory to legitimize the “fact” of evolution. But they have no empirical evidence for their theory, and so they cannot express what they claim occurs in nature in literal, operational, scientific terms.

The NAS hierarchy must thus resort to metaphor, a figure of speech, to describe what they imagine happens in nature. Darwin’s phrase, “natural selection,” a personification giving human characteristics to nature, serves their purposes well, for it obscures rather than reveals. Page 23 of the NAS book defines natural selection as “the driving force behind evolution,” without specifying what kind of force it is or how it is measured. On page 50, the NAS writers define natural selection as a “process,” without explaining how it works. On page 5, they define it as “reproductive success,” i.e., as an outcome or result.

Is natural selection a force, a process, or an outcome? In reality, it is none of the three. It is a mere figure of speech, a literary device meant to obscure the reality that no operative, literal, scientific principles relative to evolution have been uncovered since Charles Darwin published his speculative and fanciful The Origin of Species in 1859.

Continuing to work backwards, the NAS hierarchy now needs a foundational hypothesis that addresses the origin of life. Guess what? They don’t have one: “Constructing a plausible hypothesis for life’s origins will require that many questions be answered.”

Competent scientists do not assert that their theory is a “fact” while at the same time admitting that they lack a plausible hypothesis for the foundation of it.

Competent scientists develop hypotheses, and then search for empirical evidence that will develop those hypotheses into valid theories, or cause them to be abandoned. NAS pseudo-scientists, begin with their contrived “fact” of evolution, and then, through sophistry, attempt to bluff their way through a theory that rationalizes their atheist beliefs.

Within the framework of their own book, the NAS writers define themselves as embracing a religious faith: “An important component of religious belief is faith, which implies acceptance of a truth regardless of the presence of empirical evidence for or against that truth.”

The NAS writers admit that they don’t have a “plausible hypothesis” for the origin of life, and yet they passionately insist that life came about by chance. That is a huge leap of irrational faith. Thus, the NAS ignores objective science, preferring to push its own gloomy atheist faith on our children, in direct violation of the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment.

The so-called science of macro-evolution, or Darwinism, is nothing more than an arbitrary atheistic materialist premise (no Creator/Designer) fueled by arrant speculation, and spread by hearsay. It is a fraudulent, closed-minded, deductive rationalization from atheist dogma. NAS pseudo-scientists are not interested in systematically uncovering the truths of nature; but rather in manufacturing a pseudo-scientific rationale for their own atheism.

The corrupt mindset that rules the field of human origins is the same corrupt mindset that rules the field of climatology. Within the atheists’ nest that rules the NAS, empirical evidence is irrelevant. In both fields, their “findings” will continue to bolster their atheist religion and their self-interest, not the interests of true science, or of the American people.

Isn’t it about time we stirred up that atheists’ nest?