Communicating Freedom Through Faith Around the World

We had an exciting week premiering our new film, Nine Days that Changed the World, in Warsaw, Krakow, and Rome.

Nine Days that Changed the World is the story of Pope John Paul II’s historic nine-day pilgrimage to Poland in June of 1979, which transformed Poland and led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Holy Father’s message of freedom through faith and the principle that no government can come between you and God were the basis for a revolution against tyranny throughout Eastern Europe.

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Nine Days that Changed the World Validated

The most striking thing about our three premieres was the strength of validation from people who knew Pope John Paul II and had lived through the years of challenge and change in Poland.

In Krakow, where he studied for the priesthood and served as bishop and cardinal, people who had known him for decades said Nine Days that Changed the World captured exactly what had happened in Poland and communicated the courageous leadership of Pope John Paul II.

In Warsaw, those among the 3 million Poles who attended the Papal Mass on Victory Square on June 2, 1979, said the movie beautifully captured the remarkable 14 minutes of uninterrupted applause in a moment of unity, which within a year would be transformed into the first officially recognized free trade union in the Communist bloc, known as Solidarity.

A monsignor whose home church had been Karol Wojtyla’s first church in 1948 said he felt every parish in Poland should show Nine Days that Changed the World in effort to educate the younger generation who may not remember the horrors of Communism.

In Rome, where the movie premiered at the Pontifical North American College, a priest who had worked for decades with Pope John Paul II said he thought Nine Days that Changed the World was exactly right, although we might have added one more sentence from a speech on his third day in Poland.

One sentence in 90 minutes seemed pretty amazing to us as a validation.


We return home from these premieres with a grateful sense that Nine Days that Changed the World will have an historic impact.

Our director, Kevin Knoblock, did a tremendous job. Our field producer, Vince Haley was remarkable in his knowledge of this period. Dave Bossie and his team at Citizens United were extraordinary in developing the project and leading the premieres in Europe and America.

Communicating Freedom through Faith around the World

Nine Days that Changed the World is now available in Polish through Raphael Press in Poland. Of course, it is also available in English at Gingrich Productions.

We are currently working to release editions of Nine Days that Changed the World in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Italian.

We believe that Nine Days that Changed the World will have a transformational impact on lives everywhere. 


Your friends,

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