AUDIO: Inside the Gore Divorce

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, we’re now learning, courtesy of STAR Magazine, that the reason for Al Gore’s separation from wife Tipper was Al’s infidelity, with reports surfacing in the past 24 hours of his affair with Laurie David, the ex-wife of "Seinfeld" creator Larry David. But what IS shocking is that it’s not true. The alleged affair with Laurie David is, in fact, a cover story, fabricated by the mainstream media, in an effort to hide the facts about Al’s true love.  It’s a reality far more perverse than even the deviants here at FRX could have imagined. Be forewarned that FRX’s exclusive investigation into Al Gore’s personal affairs may be quite disturbing to some.
For months now, we at FRX have funded our own look into the private life of Mr. Gore.  Early on, our calls to Jim McGreevey’s office went unreturned.  We checked the Emperors Club VIP room and found no new Client #9’s.  We interviewed all of the former interns and pages from Al Gore’s years on Capitol Hill and the White House, and to our surprise, all we were able to come up with was a story about Al Gore, Barney Frank and a mayonnaise slip ‘n slide.  Next, we checked the Appalachian Trail.  Nothing!  Argentina?  Zip.  DC Madam?  Nada.  We even went looking for a white trash videographer with a love child.  Nope.  Finally, after attending a few "tickle parties" with Eric Massa, FRX flew up to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where we went foot-tapping all day…and still, no sign of the former Vice President. It was then that it dawned on us.  What if Al Gore isn’t involved with another human at all…but with something else? Click the player below to find out what we uncovered.


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