AUDIO: Oil: There Will Be Blame!

British Petroleum is going to risk bankruptcy to end the Gulf Oil disaster. Is Barack Obama? Judging by his White House’s behavior, it doesn’t appear that the President feels at risk politically. FRX says, "Good.  Stay a big dummy, then."  And so, the hip-hop, B-ball Presidency continues, as America watches a dead zone slowly emerge from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Panama City, Florida. Has a level of seriousness sunken in? No. This week, we discovered that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Vice President Joe Biden had a super-soaker fight at the White House. Are these people out of their freakin’ minds?  Yes.  We want you to imagine a world where Dick Cheney, along with Andy Card or Joshua Bolton, are running around the White House lawn with water guns, while the Bush administration is dealing with 9-11, two wars, and Hurricane Katrina. And let’s not forget our "fearless leader" and where his priorities have been: first, talking hoops with Marv Albert on TNT, and then hanging out at a barbecue next door to Louis Farrakhan’s house…and finally, the endless party nights at the White House and beyond. One night it’s with Paul McCartney; the next night it’s with Desmond Tutu, and Kelly Clarkson.  It never ends.  President Obama now says he’s looking for some ‘asses to kick,’ concerning the BP oil spill.  The problem is, in this November’s mid-term elections, the American voters plan on doing some "ass-kicking" of their own.