SHOCKING VIDEO: Disgruntled Liberal Punches Tea Party Protestor

Outside of Rep. Mel Watt’s office (D-NC) in Greensboro, North Carolina this week a disgruntled liberal attacked a group of local Tea Party protestors peacefully chanting “no more bailouts.”

“Don’t touch my property again, and don’t push me again” the cameraman said calmly.

“Then get the f*** out,” said the aggressor, a black man in his 50’s, before he punched the cameraman in the face.

The unidentified man, who earlier blamed George W. Bush for “the mess we are in,” was later asked on camera to wait for the police after the attack.

“If you f*** around you are going to get hurt,” said the man from his car as he attempted to make his getaway.

Luckily he did not get away and a police report was filed as you can see in the end of the clip, but when will we see this clip on MSNBC or CNN? Watch Fox News’ coverage here.

Democrats and the drive by liberal media continue to claim that the Tea Party movement is dangerous and encourages violence, yet evidence of disgruntled liberals provoking and inciting violence themselves continues to surface.

*Note: The original full length video has been removed "due to terms of use violation" on YouTube