Carbon Cops on Capitol Hill

The Senate will vote today on S.J. Res 26, a resolution offered by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak.) that would overturn the EPA’s “endangerment” finding that carbon dioxide — the very substance we human beings exhale — is a danger to the public welfare.

Yesterday, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) brought their Regulation Reality Tour — featuring the Carbon Cops — to Capitol Hill to bring attention to the all important vote.

Speaking about about the vast array of failed bills and international accords put forth by liberals over past years, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), top Republican and former chairman of the Senate Energy and Public Works Committee points out the staggering costs to the American taxpayer of these scientifically unsound proposals.

“Let us keep in mind that they all have one thing in common and that is it’s cap and trade,” Inhofe noted.  “No matter who we use whether it’s the Wharton School, MIT, CRA, any of them who have analyzed cap and trade, the cost is always about the same.  It ranges between $300 and $400 billion dollars a year.  Now as bad as the $700 billion bailout was, at least that was a one-shot deal.  This is every year.”

Phil Kerpen, Vice President for Policy at AFP, put a finer point on the Obama administration’s abuse of process. 

“They go through the legitimate policy process, they take something to Congress, Congress rejects it and they find some way to do it anyway through executive branch action,” Kerpen said.  “This is perhaps the most pernicious of all of the things they’re attempting to do because regulating greenhouse gases under the 1970 Clean Air Act is an unbelievable disaster for the economy and for freedom in this country.”

“The EPA bureaucrats have about 18,000 pages of appendices about how they believe they can and should regulate just about everything that moves planes, trains, busses, automobiles, tractors, forklifts, farm equipment, they even want to have efficiency standards for your lawn mower — it has to cut so many blades of grass per gallon,” Kerpen warned.  “There’s no control technology for carbon dioxide.  There’s nothing you can put on a tailpipe to get less carbon dioxide out so we’re talking about engineers sitting over at the EPA literally redesigning the machinery of the United States.”

Long-time environmental trench warfare expert Marlo Lewis, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) was on hand to point out the EPA’s double dealing.

“Sen. Murkowski’s resolution would stop EPA from ‘enacting’ controversial global warming policies through the regulatory back door,” Lewis said.  “The endangerment finding is a classic case of bureaucratic self dealing. EPA has positioned itself to determine the stringency of fuel economy standards, set climate policy for the nation, and even amend provisions of the Clean Air act — powers Congress never delegated to the agency.”

“Worse, America could end up with a pile of greenhouse gas regulations more costly than any climate bill or treaty the Senate has declined to pass or ratify, yet without the people’s representatives ever voting on it,” Lewis added.  “The Murkowski resolution puts a simple question before the Senate: Who shall make climate policy — lawmakers who must answer to the people at the ballot box or politically unaccountable bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and activist judges appointed for life?”

The vote is expected in the Senate today.