Obama at Ford's Theater Glitzy Gala

The rich and powerful in black tie were at the Ford’s Theater Sunday night with President Obama to tape the annual “America Celebrates 4th of July” show, which airs on July 2 on ABC.

First Lady Michelle Obama was stunning in a sexy, strapless silver dress. Celebrity stylist Johnny Wright perfectly bobbed Mrs. Obama’s hair to accentuate her strong shoulders and sparkly J.Crew necklace.

Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, seated in the front row of the theater, was introduced by poet Maya Angelou and given the 2010 Lincoln Medal. Gen. Colin Powell gave a tribute to the Medal of Honor honorees. A spy says Gen. Powell looked stiff at first when Lionel Richie performed "All Night Long," but the four-star general "got into it later in the song.”

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, the parent company of ABC, attended with his wife Willow Bay, who a spy reports is “SKINNY.” In contrast, Kelly Clarkson who sang "Everybody Got Their Something," is reportedly, well, “not” skinny.

The show was hosted by Ty Burrell who plays the husband in the ABC comedy “Modern Family.” Comedian George Lopez “made jokes that not many people got,” says one attendee.

My spy also reports that White House adviser “Larry Summers was with a young blonde—daughter?’

Washington D.C. Politics

Many Washington, D.C., residents who have never been active in local politics before are getting involved in the heated mayoral race between incumbent Adrian Fenty (D) and City Council Chair Vince Gray (D). I’m a staunch conservative Republican, and I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. But Mayor Fenty’s bad management, plastic bag tax (and then trying to raid the fund), excessive fines on cars, unjust parking tickets, excessive spending and abject failure to plow the streets during the blizzards have made me consider switching parties briefly to vote in the Democratic primary in order to oust Fenty.

On Saturday, Gray was at my local community festival, where he spent hours talking to citizens and listening to their concerns. In contrast, whenever I’ve seen Mayor Fenty at an event, he rushes in with an entourage, glad-hands the crowds on his way to the stage, gives remarks and exits without any personal interaction with the citizens. He seems out-of-touch and unwilling to hear dissent from his unilateral decisions.

I told Gray that I was considering voting Democrat for him, but I wanted to know if he promised fiscal responsibility, open and transparent spending and taxation, effective management and accessibility to the public. He told me he was thrilled to have Republican support and would bring accountability to D.C.

Also, I asked Gray’s campaign manager about the city council’s sneaky tricks to avoid implementing the Supreme Court decision that said the D.C. gun ban was unconstitutional. He nodded and listened to my concern, but did not give a response, which does not bode well for exercising my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Proving once again the power of social media, within minutes of my tweeting about supporting Gray, I got a message from the D.C. Republican Party’s Executive Director Paul Craney asking to meet and talk politics. Graney and I had a long discussion at the party headquarters on Monday about D.C. politics and the GOP strategy to affect change in the city.

The Republican Party doesn’t have the votes needed to win a mayoral race—unless a big name or self-funded candidate like New York Mayor Bloomberg came forward—but does have a chance at winning some seats on the city council. Since the city council sets the $9 billion a year budget, having a fiscally responsible member or two would help slow down the economic devastation in this city before we end up back in congressional receivership.

The biggest issue for most Republican and Independent voters in Gray vs. Fenty is the fate of the powerful and successful school chancellor Michelle Rhee. Fenty hired Rhee and she has been a leader of education reform in D.C. that is already making significant change in the previously failing D.C. public school system. Gray has not said whether he will ask Rhee to stay on as chancellor if he is elected mayor. 

When asked for a response on his position on Rhee, Gray’s campaign immediately responded to my tweet, saying:  "Vince applauds Ms. Rhee for the numerous gains that have been made during her tenure & will strongly consider keeping her"

Salahi Grammatical Errors

Tareq Salahi and wife Michaele Salahi have become famous by shameless self promotion, reality-show casting and boldness in crashing a State Dinner at the White House. Clearly, literacy and education are not required for the cast of the Bravo TV show “The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.” Here are some recent emails and press releases which demonstrate their inability to write grammatically correct sentences:

From the “America’s Polo Cup” website:

• The America’s Polo Cup is today, the worlds only International Invitational… and is one of the premier Polo matches held globally due to its strength with its television partners and media attention it gathers annually.

• The US Polo Team, Captain by Mr. Tareq Salahi, was honored to play in the Historic last and final match with the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, were on this game at the Cirencester Polo Club, Prince Charles announced his retirement on that polo match that had concluded in a tie game 1-1. That historic game re-continued a time honored tradition to were we are today.

Michaele Salahi’s Facebook Fan page:

• Hurry and get your tickets before it sells out to the America’s Polo Cup next Saturday, June 12 in Washington DC!

• I am going to co-judge the worlds first ever "Best Sari Dress Contest" at this years America’s Polo Cup – See you June 12 in Washington DC!
Get your tickets asap since It’s only advance ticket sales only! XO

Facebook messages from “America’s Polo Cup World Championship”:

• I Can’t wait to see you! I am excited to be judging the Best Sari Contest for those that will wear the traditional India Outfit….. XO MICHAELE

• INDIVIDUAL TICKETS: Our individual ticket prices are about to do a price increase again also, so hurry and get yours today! … XO MICHAELE


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