Remember and Celebrate D-Day

There are pivotal dates in American history that are seared into the memories of those of us who know them and live to remember: July 4, September 11, December 7.

And there are pivotal dates in world history. You would be hard pressed to find a more defining moment in the history of the world than June 6, 1944. In spite of the irresponsible revisionist American anti-education system, the date will forever be known by historians and patriots as D-Day.

Sixty-six years ago today, the path to liberating the world from Nazi fascism began on the beaches of Normandy, as scared young men from the Greatest Generation rushed ashore under withering Nazi machine gun fire and artillery.

Just prior to the invasion that would ultimately liberate the world, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander, transmitted a message to the young men who would fight and die in the coming hours. It read in part: “You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.”

With eyes of the world upon them, thousands of young men raced toward Omaha Beach in landing craft. Hitler’s entrenched Nazi war machine lay directly in their path.

As the young American warriors began the first assault on Omaha Beach, they were cut to pieces by the Nazis. The casualties were so high that some American generals advocated abandoning Omaha Beach.

But they did not.

Omaha Beach was literally red with American blood. But more landing boats full of young men from the Greatest Generation kept coming. And coming. The warriors would not be denied, their spirit unstoppable.

The Greatest Generation secured Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 and from that very beach, covered in the blood of Americans heroes, began the assault that would literally save the world. Roughly one year later, the Nazi war machine would smolder in ruins, defeated by warriors dedicated to good over evil.

You probably won’t read or hear much in the papers about the 66th anniversary of D-Day. Those of us who refuse to forget believe this epic day should be a front-page story in all newspapers, Internet news websites, television broadcasts, and certainly detailed in American schools, until the end of time. June 6, 1944 is that important.

There remain some members of the Greatest Generation who rushed ashore on Omaha Beach that historical day, though God is now calling them home one by one. Soon there will be no more of these warriors who saved the world 66 years ago on June 6. Count yourself fortunate if you are blessed to know one of them.

The ultimate message of D-Day is that good must always crush evil, that liberty and freedom is more powerful than the death-grip of tyranny, that the blood of freedom fighters is required in the greatest struggle of all, which is to provide all people with freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Communism, socialism, fascism and religious zealotry seek to enslave and control. These detestable forms of repressive government are the enemies of freedom. America must always stand in defiance of this repression. We must let the people of the world know that America values and cherishes freedom. The world must be reminded of D-Day.

Sixty-six years ago in the early morning of June 6, scared, young freedom fighters from the Greatest Generation rushed ashore on the beaches of Normandy. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and left behind sweethearts, dads and moms, brothers and sisters. But their sacrifice saved the world.

The rows and rows of crosses at the American cemetery in Normandy serve to remind the world that freedom is never free, that there are things worth fighting and dying for.

Live to remember D-Day. Pause for a moment on this June 6 and remind yourself and your loved ones that the valiant struggle to save the world happened just 66 years ago on the far-away beaches of Normandy.

Somewhere, members of the current generation are on their own Omaha Beach, ready to die in the name of good over evil. Let us educate the uneducated that such courage and warrior spirit is why there is an American Dream, and why the French don’t speak German.