Lesbian Congresswoman Splits with Domestic Partner

Rep. Tammy Baldwin and Female Partner Split
Buried under the shocking news of the Al and Tipper Gore divorce, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D.-Wis.) announced she separated from her partner Lauren Azar after being together for 15 years. Baldwin, elected in 1998, is the first open lesbian in Congress. In 2009, the couple registered as domestic partners in Wisconsin, which will now be legally terminated. Baldwin quietly updated her bio on her official government website to delete the line “Tammy and her partner, Lauren Azar, live in Madison in a house …"
Fran Drescher’s Gay Ex-Husband
Actress and gay-rights activist Fran Drescher tells In Touch that her husband of 21 years came out of the closet to her after they divorced. She explains the sexuality confusion by saying both she and ex Peter Marc Jacobson were 15-years old when they started dating. “We were just kids and didn’t know who we truly were,” she tells the mag. Drescher doesn’t seem upset, saying: “Love is what we’re all about.”  The two have remained such close friends that they set each other up on dates (men for both, natch.) This being Hollywood, Drescher and Jacobsen are working on a TV show based on their marriage and the sexuality issue.
Al and Tipper Gore Divorce Speculation
The Washington establishment is still reeling from the news that former Vice President Al Gore and his wife of 40 years Tipper Gore are separating. The timing – days after their anniversary, weeks after buying a new $8.8 million house- makes their public announcement of a “mutual” decision to divorce seem suspect.
The Gores made their marriage and family life the political counter-balance to the train-wreck marriage of convenience of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now, we are hearing whispers that the Gore marriage was never the idealistic romance they claimed. The Gores are highly respected by D.C. insiders so rumors of infidelity and a dysfunctional family are only whispered in private. 
Celebrity Babies
Mariah Carey is (finally) preggers which is the most “anticlimactic” baby news of the year. For two years, Carey and husband, Nick Cannon, have made their baby-making efforts the topic of every red-carpet interview.  So, now that she is (supposedly) inspermiated, the two are trying to make the official announcement a publicity event. Mariah told the New York Post that she had "something special" on the way.

Meanwhile, Cannon is trying to make the pregnancy a matter of national security, tweeting: “My heart goes out to any woman who has to deal with public scrutiny and speculation pertaining to their private life REAL TALK!” I expect these two desperate publicity seekers are trying to sell the pregnancy announcement to get on a magazine cover. Hopefully, no one’s buying.

In other anti-climatic pregnancy news this week, Celine Dion announced she’s pregnant with twins. Dion’s endless interviews over the years about her infertility, frozen embryos and IVF treatments have exhausted even her most ardent fans. I’m curious, though, about the quality of embryos that have been in a freezer for nine years. Dion and her manager/husband Rene Angeli told the world in 2001 that she froze the embryos in order to put a pregnancy on hold while she did a six-year run of her Las Vegas show.
Kevin Costner, 55,  had his seventh child on Wednesday. Try to keep straight this only-in-Hollywood family tree: Costner kids #5 (Cayden), #6 (Hayes), and #7 (Grace) are with wife #2 (Christine). Costner kids #1 (Annie), #2 (Lily) and #3 (Joe) are with wife #1 (Cindy). Costner kid #4 (Liam) is with ex-girlfriend/baby mama. (Bridget)
Costner is one away from tying Mel Gibson’s record for Hollywood leading man with most offspring. Gibson – who calls himself “Octo-Mel” — has kids #1- #7 with wife #1 (Robyn) and kid #8 with girlfriend/baby mama (Oksana).
Also on Wednesday, Laura Ling, sister of Oprah Winfrey show’s Lisa Ling, had her first child. Ling named her daughter Li Jefferson, after both her sister (half of Lisa?) and former President Bill Clinton (middle name Jefferson). Laura Ling was held captive in North Korea for five months and freed when Clinton jetted in to her rescue.