Chilling Video: Israeli Soldiers Beaten by "Peace??? Activists

Here we go again: Our neighborhood-friendly followers of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are back with yet another display of affection. Folks, c’mon, we know that the jihadists on board the Turkish vessel that was disrupted by Israeli commandos on Monday morning just wanted to bring "humanitarian" aid to the impoverished Palestinians suffering in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. But noooo, the evil Israeli Navy had to foil the trip, and instead they instigated a riot that resulted in ten civilian deaths.

Brutes I tell you! Brutes!

Well, that’s the narrative we’ve been hearing about the incident involving the six-ship flotilla.

Now, back to reality people: Israeli soldiers were ambushed as they were lowered by ropes from helicopters onto the decks on the Mavi Marmara. Your jaw will drop when you see this footage:

Oh, and how about this video of  the same "peace" activists aboard the flotilla singing sweet musical odes about killing the Jews?

So, when the government of Turkey calls Israel’s actions an “act of barbarianism” and “aggression in the high seas” we know they’re full of it. And you know exactly what they’re full of.

The Israeli soldiers were engaging in self-defense. Pure and simple.


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