Sex In Their 60's

FRX is sick of these four old bags. Is America? I guess we’ll find out this weekend, when "Sex And The City 2" opens in theaters nationwide. How long can Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda keep this freak show going?  Until a pair of dentures falls into someone’s Cosmo? Does Manolo Blahnik make orthopedic shoes for the "Early Bird Special" crowd? For years, FRX has refrained from giving Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) too hard a time.  But, with ‘the wall’ fast approaching, our favoritism for her loveliness has almost run out. In the new film, the fashionable foursome stop off in Abu Dhabi, where they are met by the other star grandmas of the story: Madeleine, Nancy, Barbara…and yes, Hillary. So for all of you looking for "Sex And The City 2" to make a sociological feminist statement about sexual liberation in the Muslim World, we at FRX say: four, or rather, eight burqas please!