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New Jersey's Miss Congeniality is one of three reasons to like the state...


New Jersey’s Miss Congeniality vs. a Teacher

New Jersey’s Miss Congeniality is one of three reasons to like the state…

I hereby give you three reasons to like New Jersey: it will host a Super Bowl Championship game in 2014 (bring your winter coats), it’s currently home to hockey champion Zach Parise (silver medal in the 2010 Olympics), and it’s governed by budget champion Chris Christie, who shoots as straight as Sandra Bullock’s Miss New Jersey in Miss Congeniality.

In the past few weeks, Christie told off a teacher who complained about her pay and a legislature that wanted to level an additional tax on millionaires.  As a bonus, he’s also told off a reporter who accused him of having a "confrontational tone."
Here’s the bottom line: Christie is trying to make the bottom line.  The teacher is complaining about her pay, but Christie is trying to save everyone’s pay.  

We’ve compiled the Christie videos from Hot Air here, and I would officially like to crown the New Jersey governor Miss Congeniality for 2010. Note the reporter in the first video says Christie has three more town halls planned next month.  Unlike some Democrats during the health care debate, Christie isn’t scared to face frustrated constituents and answer questions at town halls.What’s not to love about this guy?

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his ‘confrontational tone’
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