Mr. Holder, Here is the Bill. Read It

Two weeks ago another nail was added to the Obama Administration’s coffin of incompetency when Americans discovered Atty. Gen. Eric Holder hadn’t read the Arizona immigration bill that he’d already theorized – on national television – would lead to racial profiling. (Just think. If Holder was as quick to judge terrorist mastermind KSM, we wouldn’t even need to waste time discussing a trial in NYC.)
Holder has a long holiday weekend coming up.  So for his convenience, HUMAN EVENTS has posted the bill here in its entirety.  We are absolutely confident that once he reads it, he will notice the six times the document uses the word “race” to state that provisions in the law can’t be used to racially profile, or that the attorney general can’t investigate a complaint of illegal alien employment based solely on race. 


And once Holder is done, he may want to pass on his copy to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who you may recall last week admitted she hadn’t reviewed the law “in detail” either, though she’d already criticized it.

 As Rep. Ted Poe hinted at, this bill is a picture book page-wise compared to the healthcare bill that passed in March. So after finally reading the bill, they’ll still have some time to enjoy Memorial Day barbecue. 
Mr. Holder, read it here. Your public service announcement, sir.

Cartoon courtesy of Brett Noel