VIDEO: Gov. Bobby Jindal Rips the Obama Administration

Okay, so we keep hearing Barack and the toadies in his administration argue that they were on the scene from day one to minimize the oil spill’s damaging impact. 

While the "all-hands-on-deck" line sounds nice, it’s hardly the truth. In fact, it’s patently false. The Obama regime has moved at a snail’s pace in providing the millions of feet of needed "boom" (sort of like a foam "curtain") to block the oil from reaching shore. And if that weren’t bad enough, the feds are also delaying Louisiana from obtaining a permit to build artificial barriers off the coast (meant to protect the wetlands from the oil) because "environmental" studies of the construction needs to take place first.  

On the scene from day one? Ha! Take it away, Gov. Jindal:

Notice how Obama’s goons can only offer us bromides, whereas Jindal speaks with clear specificity and authority. Funny how that works, eh?