National Debt Hits $13 Trillion

The National Debt has reached $13,000,000,000,000 today, according to the National Debt Clock (make sure to check the link because it updates every second). 

According to the Debt Clock:

• Total national debt: $13 trillion
• Debt per citizen: $42,027
• Debt per taxpayer: $117,982
• Total interest due: $1.9 trillion
• Debt held by foreign countries: $4.07 trillion

“Europe’s in the midst of what German Chancellor Angela Merkel describes as an existential crisis — all brought about by governments that spent money they didn’t have,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in remarks from the floor today.  “Americans are watching this crisis play out, and they see Democrats doing the same thing here day after day after day.”

And the clock is ticking.  Anyone getting a sudden craving for baklava?