The Conservative is a Democrat

Here is a pop quiz.  Which state is home to the most conservative county in the nation?


Huh?  You’re kidding right?  The land of fruits and nuts?  Home to Hollywood freaks, and San Francisco loons?  The state that gave us Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alan Cranston, Grey Davis, Cruz Bustamante, Bill Press, Henry Waxman, and best of all, Maxine (IQ 85) Waters?  That California?  How on earth did Georgia get Cynthia McKinney?

While the rest of the country laughs at us, those who reside in Orange County don’t think it is all that funny, and so we have sent five out of six representatives to Washington from Republican stock.  Sorry about Loretta Sanchez.  While we do our best for our Orange County Districts, there isn’t much influence we can have on our state wide elections for United States Senators or for our Governor, however, this year might be different.

We have two multi-millionaire “Republicans”, ex-Ebay CEO, Meg Whitman, spending millions of her own money going up against silicon valley entrepreneur, Steve Poizner, spending millions of his own money, both running against Democrat career politician dinosaur Jerry Brown (Secretary of State 1971-1975, Governor 1975-1983, Democratic Party Chair 1989-1991, Oakland Mayor 1998-2006, Attorney General 2007-Present, ran for POTUS in 1976, 1980, and 1992, and he ran for United States Senator in 1982, out of breath yet?)

Meg Whitman came right out of the gate with attack ads against Poizner labeling him a tax and spender and she has completely annihilated him in the polls with a huge lead, but now with revelations of “staged” town hall meetings she’s only up by a couple of points.  

Poizner, slow to the party, has responded in ads pointing out that Meg Whitman was a strong supporter of Al Gore; he of course neglects to tell us he supported Al Gore also! Actually, he blames his wife for $11,000 in donations to Gore. That excuse ought to come in handy when he’s governor, “Well I didn’t want to sign that tax increase, but my wife…” 

Anyone out there want to tell me what is “Republican” about supporting Al Gore for anything?
These two “Republicans” make RINO John McCain look like a right wing extremist!

Meg Whitman also actively campaigned for Barbara Boxer, and if that doesn’t make you puke, while chief at E-bay she instituted policy that banned all ammunition and gun sales on the auction portal.  Her policy lead was picked up by many silicon-valley companies and I can personally attest that the policy has made it exceedingly difficult to advertise or promote firearms on the internet.

Ads I had running on Ann Coulter’s site through were subsequently banned. rejected our campaign after ascertaining it promoted firearms, and Google Adwords campaigns were halted when it was determined that we were promoting firearms.  With clever techniques it was possible to send web surfers to a landing page and then redirect them, but the whole thing became a nuisance and we stopped most all internet advertising. 

Additionally,  the credit card company I was using to sell only to gun dealers just cancelled my account. Turns out, many of these brokers are also following Whitman’s lead maintaining policies to subjugate firms marketing or selling firearms.  

As I explained in California Style Gun Control Coming to You, the Left is not going to subjugate our right to bear arms by challenging the Constitution, they are going to do it by attacking and chipping away at our industry from every angle. 

The really sad thing is, while the Right to Bear Arms is embraced by those with a conservative view, too many times I have witnessed the position to be only rhetorical.  When challenged by an unhinged left, many are not equipped to explain that the Right to Bear Arms does not stand alone, it is part of a synergistic whole.  If the Right to Bear Arms falls, so will the Freedom of Speech, the Right to Worship and Assemble, etc. 

Too many of us are ready to rationalize for political gain.  No politician can claim to be conservative and then choose which Founding principles they are ready to let fall away.  Any politician who cannot recognize and fight to protect mankind’s inalienable rights cannot be considered an American in the Founding tradition, and unless you are ready to “Fundamentally Change America”, these politicians should never be given your vote, no matter how unpalatable their opponents might be.

Of the three California gubernatorial candidates, Jerry Brown is actually the most supportive of the 2nd Amendment and of individual freedom.  In fact, following the Supreme Court action on Heller, Mc Donald vs Chicago is the next big Federal case that will have a lasting and consequential influence on your gun rights, and in this case Jerry Brown has filed an amicus brief arguing, “If the court doesn’t act…California citizens could be deprived of the constitutional right to possess handguns in their homes.”

Meanwhile, Meg Whitman is all for “common sense gun-control”.

Californians would be better served by Dede Scozzafava.

There was a time when Republican actually meant something, but of course there was a time when words in the Constitution actually meant something too!

I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but this year I am going to pull the lever that says “Old Moonbeam”.

Does that mean Brown is our ideal candidate?  Not by long shot, but after the sanctimonious soda taxing, pot smoking pontificator, anti-gun, cap and trade environmental zealot hypocrite Hummer driving Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown seems like a deal.

If I have to choke down liberalism…I want it coming from a guy with a D by his name, and I expect that Jerry Brown could pleasantly surprise us; he campaigned against Clinton with a flat tax agenda in 1992 and is known to be a maverick. 

And if he doesn’t surprise us?  At least we won’t have a “Republican” in office to blame for California’s Titanic economy!

Note from the Editor: Jim is the founder of FMK Firearms – to see his handgun please visit