Governor Bredesen Turns Against Tennessee Citizens

Governor Bredesen has ignored the will of the citizens of Tennessee yet again.

Bredesen’s veto of the Restaurant Carry Bill speaks volumes about his disregard for our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. This man was elected and swore under oath to uphold our Constitution. With an overwhelming vote in both the Senate and House, our fine Legislators spoke for their Constituents by their vote supporting the Restaurant Carry Bill.

This bill was re-done to fix the unconstitutionality that Chancellor Bonnyman ruled on last year. The Chancellor found that right to carry permit holders would not be able to properly discern if they could legally carry their firearm in establishments that serve alcohol because they could not tell by definition in the bill, whether it was truly a Restaurant or a bar. This year our Legislators re-drafted a bill that opens up lawful carry by permit holders to ANY establishment that serves alcohol. This was the only way to make sure this law would not be brought back in a lawsuit again for vagueness.

I want to make it very clear that business owners can still post a sign saying "no guns allowed." I support a business owners right to choice in posting. I will however say this….those signs will do absolutely NOTHING to stop a criminal/bad guy from coming into your establishment and robbing you or killing you. It is better to have law abiding citizens present who are trained and permitted that can stop a bad guy before they kill someone.

I have a firsthand account of what can happen when a law abiding citizen is disarmed.

My husband was murdered in front of me by a man that had been stalking me in an establishment that serves alcohol. I myself being a law abiding citizen, left my permitted gun locked in my car the night my husband was murdered. The law did NOT stop my stalker. The law DID stop me, from having the chance to save my precious husband Ben.

These laws that restrict lawful carrying of a gun for self defense creates a playground for criminals. I have said this many times and I will say it again….If guns cause crime, then my gun is defective. A gun cannot pull its own trigger. When seconds count, the Police ARE minutes away. I know, I have been there. Nobody can take care of you like you can.


I find it disturbing that our Governor vetoed this very important bill using the excuse that guns and alcohol don’t mix. Did you read the bill Governor? The bill clearly states that you CANNOT drink while in possession of that firearm.  Why should he care about individuals carrying firearms legally to protect themselves? Oh wait, that’s right….He has a whole team to protect him! When I was attending the "A Season To Remember" event at the TN Capitol (this is where the families of homicide victims come and hang their loved ones pictures on the wreaths at the Capitol) he had a female TN State Trooper sitting right next to me and actually walked with me while I walked past the Governor to hang Ben’s picture on the wreath. Funny how his life is worth more than ours and one little lady in Nashville TN can make him that nervous. I wouldn’t touch a hair on his head. I can’t wait for our Legislators to override his poor decision again.

Let’s roll!

A Note from the Editor:

Here is the link to the Tennesee General Assembly – support the overturning of the veto.

To donate to vicitms and families affected by gun crimes please visit

Thanks – Mike Piccione


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