Hoekstra: National Security Apparatus Broken, Dysfunctional, in Disarray

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, issued a scathing rebuke of the politicization by the Obama administration of national security and intelligence agencies as evidenced Thursday by the resignation of Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair.

“That a man who has willingly dedicated himself to the cause of our nation’s freedom would rather step down than continue to serve as America’s top intelligence officer is a disturbing sign of the stranglehold the Obama White House has placed on America’s intelligence agencies,” Hoekstra said in a written statement. 

“Right now, the Obama administration’s national security apparatus is broken, dysfunctional and in disarray,” Hoekstra said.  “Dennis Blair was the one person you could count on for rationality among Holder, Napolitano and Brennan—and he’s the one the president let go.”

One of the main criticisms of the administration’s mishandling of national security and intelligence agencies — apart from placing the impetus on prosecuting field operatives over defining and fighting radical Islam — has been their predisposition to cut intelligence agencies out of the national security loop.

Anyone seen CIA Director Leon Panetta lately?

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), ranking Republican on the Committee on Homeland Security, also praised Blair’s public service.
“Dennis Blair is a dedicated public servant who has committed himself to protecting this nation,” King said.  “I have known him to be a professional who was good to work with.  It is unfortunate that the Obama administration did not allow him to do his job and tried to make him the scapegoat for the administration’s intelligence failures." 

“The problem was not with Dennis Blair, but with the White House itself, which, under John Brennan, attempts to control intelligence policy beyond the scope of congressional oversight while withholding necessary information from Congress,” King added.  “I wish Dennis Blair well and thank him for his service.”

King also serves as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and is the only member of Congress to serve on both the Intelligence and Homeland security panels.