'Establishment' Smells Like 'Big Government' Even for Republicans

If you followed the results of yesterday’s elections you learned that “establishment” smells like big government no matter which party you align yourself with.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed Kentucky’s Trey Grayson — guess what — that didn’t matter. The Tea Party candidate with zero beltway experience, Rand Paul, won in a landslide.

In another Kentucky primary last night candidate Jeff Reetz, who was officially endorsed by the NRCC, came in third with only 17% of the vote.

Last week I pointed out to you that a leading candidate in a Virginia primary, Republican Scott Rigell, had previously donated $1000 to Barack Obama.  

Rigell is the favored candidate because he has the most money, and has been endorsed
by establishment Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.), and Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Let’s not fail to mention that Rigell is a close family friend of Gov. McDonnell and (a website that tracks campaign contributions) shows that Rigell and his family have donated over $100,000 to McDonnell through out the years.

There are six Republicans running in this particular Virginia primary (see Bert Mizusawa a Decorated Combat Veteran). After what we saw last night I trust that voters will do the right thing, not just in Virginia, but all around the country.