Republican Members of Congress Enter EPA Propaganda Video Contest


Republican Reps. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.) and Pete Olson (Texas) have submitted an entry in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Rulemaking Matters!” video contest

The two members of Congress made their contest video to bring attention to the EPA’s wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars as reward money for these contests soliciting the creation of government propaganda films.

“Since neither Administrator Jackson nor the president have responded to my request to end this wasteful spending, I have only one immediate recourse; enter the contest, win it, and return the prize money to the treasury myself,” Blackburn said.  “I am grateful that my friend and colleague, Pete Olson, has joined me in this important project.”

In a clever twist, Blackburn and Olson made a video short that centers on the dangers of rules and regulations written by unelected bureaucrats at departments such as the EPA after laws are passed by Congress.

In a hearing before the Energy and Commerce Committee late last month, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson claimed that she was unaware of programs within her own department that use taxpayer dollars as prize money. Since Jackson’s testimony, Blackburn’s office has identified six separate video contests initiated since 2009 offering prizes of more than $30,000.

Other EPA propaganda contests offering prize money:

Water Quality Video Contest  ($5,000 prize money)

Rulemaking Matters Video Contest ($2,500 prize money)

Our Planet, Our Stuff Video Contest  ($2,500 prize money)

"Faces of the Grassroots": Environmental Justice Video Contest ($11,000 total prize money)

(Environmental Justice!!  Excuse me?)

Learn Before You Burn Video Contest ($4,250 prize money, including a $250 Treasuy Bond)

Lead Poisoning Prevention ($5,000 prize money)