Muhammad in a Bikini

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Jason, with that headline you’re just asking to get yourself beheaded!” True. But not to worry, friends: A sword-wielding wannabe of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will more likely trip over his dishdasha and choke on his falafel before he catches up with me. But I digress…

It turns out that the Miss USA competition has made quite the splash (again). The winner, Rima Fakih, is the reported to be the first Muslim and Arab American to ever win the competition. And because of her ethnic origin and religion of choice, there’s been some chatter in the blogosphere alleging that Miss Fakih was an “affirmative action” pick. Um, let’s allay those concerns now: This young lady, Muslim or not, is a whole lot of hotness. No standards were lowered. At all. Granted, the girl is a complete buffoon, telling the pageant crowd that birth control is a “controlled substance,” while also lamenting that “the pill” is not covered by most insurance plans. Even so, there are two key ways this Islamic bombshell can help our efforts in the War on Terror.

First, once Osama bin Laden and his radical brethren turn on the satellite TV from their caves and see Miss Fakih bouncing her half-naked self on stage in front of the infidels, there’s a likely chance that they will die of a heart attack. After all, bin Laden and his band of bomb-throwers are only accustomed to seeing women in head-to-toe burqas. The female body, and all of its gloriousness, may be a life-ending shock to their system.

Second, while the Obama regime likes to apologize on behalf of us to backward Muslim countries, Miss Fakih’s victory is a tribute to the liberty enjoyed when assimilated into American culture. The beauty queen was born in the Middle East. Now, the Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t even have the stones to utter the phrase "radical Islam," but the fact is that Miss USA would’ve been promptly stoned to death in the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him) if she strutted out of a Saudi house with shorts above the knees, let a lone a bikini. And the many Western-loving young people in the Middle East know this. They will see Rima Fakih as one symbol of the many freedoms we Americans enjoy.

Fighting Islamic radicalism, one hot girl at a time…