Arizona to D.C.: "We're Dying Out Here."

The left excoriates the "fascism" of the Arizona law (SB 1070) requiring immigrants to carry proof of legal status or risk being turned over by state law officers to federal authorities.  Arizona residents of every ethnic background want other Americans to know how violent and out of control life in Arizona has become because the federal government will not enforce its own immigration law.

Federal law makes it a crime for a non-citizen to be in the U.S. without government documentation. Legal-resident aliens have been required to carry and show those documents to federal law-enforcement officers since 1940. 

Being a "legal" resident is not difficult. Visas are liberally granted by the feds–over 16,000 to Pakistanis last year alone.  The "path to citizenship" in current federal law is the most inclusive in the world. There are actually many paths to legal residency and citizenship–refugees, family re-unification, lottery visas, H-1B, etc. 

Despite the most liberal legal-immigration system in the world (over 150,000 legal immigrants from Mexico alone last year), illegal immigration, while slowed by the recession, is a human tidal wave washing over American communities from San Diego to Portland, Maine.

The left calls it "racism" to criticize illegal immigration, ignoring the fact that illegals caught in this country this year represent nationals from over 80 countries, including illegals from the State Department’s list of terror-exporting countries.

Obama’s proposed federal budget responds to this invasion by cutting the number of Border Patrol officers and redirecting them to interior cities, by cutting the funds for a border fence mandated by Congress, and by extending the amnesty to illegals from Nicaragua and Honduras.

It is in Arizona that the negative impacts of this illegal invasion have hit hardest.

The day before widespread demonstrations by open-border advocates, a Pinal County, Ariz., deputy sheriff was wounded in a gun battle with an AK-47 wielding illegal drug smuggler during a traffic stop.

The feds demonstrated that border security is possible when they closed the Southwestern Arizona border with Mexico where a "live-fire" military training range is located. The drug and people smugglers shifted their routes to concentrate on the sparsely populated and unprotected Southeastern border area.

There, rancher Bob Krentz was killed by an illegal on his ranch which has been in the family since 1907.  This murder was covered in the media, but, according to other ranchers in the area, the full story has been covered up.

Two weeks before Krentz’s murder, a rancher near Naco, Ariz., found and reported a huge shipment of drugs on his property. A gang of illegals broke into that rancher’s house, beat the rancher and his wife and threatened to come back and kill them if they touched any more drug shipments going through their ranch.

One week before his murder, Krentz had found a similar drug shipment in trucks on his ranch. He reported this and had the drugs hauled off.  Other ranchers in this remote area figure that the drug cartels were sending a message by assassinating Bob Krentz.

Arizona state Sen. Sylvia Allen participated in a state senate hearing on border violence.  She writes that one rancher near the border testified that 300 to 1200 illegals a day cross his ranch, cutting fence, starting fires, and leaving trash.  In the last two years, the rancher testified, he has found 17 dead bodies and two Korans.

Another rancher testified that drugs are brought across his ranch daily in a military-style operation.  A point man with a machine gun goes in front, followed a half mile behind by armed guards, followed another half mile behind by the drug shipment, followed by more armed guards.

The drug smugglers kill anyone who gets in their way and often kill their own drug "mules" who fail to keep up in what the witnesses called human "drug trains".

Allen says the Border Patrol have pulled back 60 miles from the border and now man ineffective "check points" which are easily evaded by the smugglers.

Phoenix has become the kidnap capital of the U.S. as drug cartels battle for turf. Violence is not "threatening to spill over the border"–it already has and Arizonans have had enough.

The left calls for a boycott of all things Arizona–even Arizona Ice Tea (made in New York!).  I say "Buycott" Arizona. Buy all things Arizona. Vacation there. Show your support.

And if the Republican Party wants to win this year it will side with the majority of Americans who want a secure border and a stop to illegal immigration by immediately awarding the 2012 Republican National Convention to Phoenix, Ariz.


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