New York City Terror-Protection Funding Slashed

The Obama administration has finally found an area where they’re comfortable slashing spending:  Homeland Security.

Less than two weeks ago terrorists came close to detonating a massive car bomb in Times Square.  The Obama administration’s answer to the latest terrorist assault on the Big Apple is to cut the city’s Homeland Security budget for protection of ports (25%) and mass transit (27%).

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee yesterday blasted the Obama administration for its decision to cut homeland security funding in the New York metropolitan area — the area of the U.S. most targeted by terrorists.

“The fact that the Obama administration would cut New York’s homeland security funding just 11 days after the Times Square car bomb attempt is dangerous and unconscionable,” King said.  “The threat against New York City, the top target of al-Qaeda, is increasing, not decreasing.  In fact, since 9/11, New York City has been the target of at least 11 foiled terror plots.  Yet the Obama administration is inexplicably slashing New York’s homeland security funding.” 

King was expecting increased security given the new terrorist attack and Attorney General Eric Holder’s fond desire to hold a show-trial for 9/11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad   in downtown Manhattan.

“The Times Square attempt served as a wakeup call for many, but apparently not for the Obama administration, which should be dramatically increasing New York City’s homeland security funding, not decreasing it.  And sadly, this is just the latest example of cuts by the Obama administration, which is attempting to eliminate all funding for the Securing the Cities Initiative, which would protect New York from a radioactive dirty bomb attack.”

The primary purpose of the federal government is to protect and defend America against an enemy attack.  The Obama administration spends lavishly on everything but that primary mission.

Obama is traveling to the city today to shake hands with the city’s police officers responsible for foiling the attack.  Nice timing.