Mexican Flags Banned from School on American Holidays?

Five students from Live Oak High School in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Morgan Hill, Calif., were recently sent home for wearing American flags to school on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.

School administrators viewed the American flags as “incendiary” and gave the students the choice of turning their shirts inside out and remaining at school or leaving their shirts as they were and face suspension.

The students took option “C” and went home.

While there are many obvious things about which to be enraged in this scenario, like the fact that Live Oak High School is in the United States rather than Mexico, there are also some not-so-obvious things that many commentators have either overlooked or are purposely choosing not to cover.

Chief among these is whether students of Mexican descent will be able to wear Mexican flags to Live Oak High School on holidays that highlight American heritage? A short list of such holidays would include Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and any school activity that may take place on the Fourth of July.

The safe bet is that the same students who were decked out in Mexican flags for Cinco de Mayo will be able to wear them on American holidays as well. And this demonstrates the duplicity and intolerance of the proponents of political correctness.

To understand this, perhaps we need to review what was said to the five students who wore American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

Chris Pirillo reported that the Live Oak principal said, “It was disrespectful for them to have worn such articles of clothing on the Mexican holiday.” Fox News Radio reported that the students were “allegedly told that Cinco de Mayo [was] not the day for patriotism.” And MSNBC reported: “Many Mexican-American students at Live Oak… say they were offended by the five boys and others for wearing American colors on a Mexican holiday.”

Additional news outlets reported that “many” Mexican-American Live Oak students are demanding an apology from the five students who wore the American flag. But from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t seem like the “Live Oak Five” are going to be apologizing anytime soon, and that’s a good thing.

Every American should be offended that the Mexican-American students at Live Oak were offended: How dare they and their school’s administration belittle our flag on our soil. Moreover, every American should be offended that a holiday from any country other than our own is allowed to be elevated to a level of such grandiose proportions.

Yet this is the fruit of political correctness. We have habitually turned the other cheek for college academicians, public school teacher unions and every minority group that can garner representation for so long that they’ve reached the point of brazenly disrespecting our country and the handful of students who were proud enough to wear her colors.

Examples like this one from Live Oak are wake-up calls that remind us that we have to get back to the business of loving our nation out loud. And while we welcome immigrants who come here legally from all corners of the globe, we must make clear to them upon entry that they have come to the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Always remember that America didn’t become great by being openly degraded or playing second fiddle to another country’s holiday. And it won’t remain great by having citizens stand by and watch silently as others demean our flag here at home.

It’s time to cast off our politically correct shackles and admit that this is the greatest nation in the world. It always has been, and it always will be, so long as patriots like the “Live Oak Five” remain willing to take their stand.