Biden's Botox Infects Obama

Now friends, it’s bad enough that the vice president of the United States has a forehead that you can break a brick over, but now Biden’s Botox is contaminating Obama’s drinking water.

How else do you explain our Dear Leader’s insistence that Elena Kagan holds enough experience to be our next Supreme Court justice?

Yes, yes, the brother is a liar, after all. But still, the arguments the Obama Administration has ginned up in support of Kagan are mind-bogglingly pathetic.

So just for you, I’ve waded through the stories and found the Top 3 dumbest defenses of Elena Kagan.

1. Courtesy of Politico, “[Kagan] is ambitious, restless, intellectually acute and even shares the president’s love of a good, grinding pick-up basketball game.”

Say what? She enjoys a “grinding pick-up basketball game”? Well now, that settles it then. Bust out the basketball trunks, throw on a jersey, and move yourself straight to the front of the line for a lifetime position on the most powerful court in the land! What could go wrong? As an aside, can you even imagine Kagan “grinding” on the court? Ugh, I just think I lost my appetite.

2. From the mouth of Barack, a Kagan court would be “more reflective of us as a people than ever before.” And if by “reflective,” the president means that most Americans go from Princeton to Oxford to Harvard to the University of Chicago… then back to Harvard, well yes, Kagan’s mug should replace Lincoln’s on the $5 bill because she’s so “reflective” of America.

3. “Elena is the granddaughter of immigrants,” Obama touted of his pick, which is to say that Kagan’s parents’ parents immigrated to this country. And that makes her special how?

The fact that Team Obama and their cronies in the media are flaunting such threadbare “qualifications” means Kagan may in fact have less experience for her nomination than Barack did for his. And we know how that ended up, don’t we?

Now that we have those gems out of the way, enjoy the rest of your afternoon thinking about Elena Kagan in her booty basketball shorts, "grinding" on the court 😉


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