How Obama's Green Policies Will Bankrupt America

President Barack Obama’s green dreams unfortunately didn’t die with the resignation of radical environmentalist Van Jones.

Christopher C. Horner shares that ugly truth in his latest book, Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America.

Horner, the author of Red Hot Lies—a blistering assault on global-warming alarmism—details the lies, deceptions and outright fantasies green advocates within the administration use en route to fundamentally changing how the country operates.

The book imagines a near future in which electricity flows sporadically into your home and energy prices have made many modern creature comforts disappear.

It’s a thorough book, filled with revealing quotes from green-minded forces and details of public policy that could smite the American dream in quick fashion.

If Obama’s team has its way, life in the U.S. will be radically transformed—and soon. The administration wants to change the cars we drive, alter the way we heat our homes and lessen our leisure time through draconian legislation meant to make people feel better about their carbon footprint.

And yet, as Horner points out, it’s not really about climate change or environmentalism but expanding governmental reach.

“Environmentalists seek to use the state to create scarcity in order to further impose their will over our lives,” he writes in the opening chapter. And then he backs up that statement over and again.

Power Grab lets the green movement reveal its intentions through alarming quotes the media didn’t find compelling enough to fully vent. Some green backers want to outlaw the emission of carbon dioxide, while others, like Rajenda Pachauri of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, think the West has been “corrupted” by prosperity.

The environmental movement touts the glory of sun and wind energy, but neglects to tell us how expensive—and utterly impractical—they remain in 2010. And even if Obama can double the rate at which windmills, solar power and other renewable resources contribute energy to the country—currently less than 3% in total—Horner shows how that won’t affect the nation’s carbon footprint.

Jones, hired by the Obama Administration as a green-jobs guru, wasn’t the only radical on the President’s payroll. Obama also tapped “card carrying Socialist” Carol Browner as well John Holdren—“whose extremism now trails him like toilet paper stuck to his show”—to help flesh out his inner circle, Horner writes.

The book also explores how big business signed on board for the global-warming express even if it seems counter-intuitive on the surface. Horner explains how some major firms sought to “lock in profitability, disadvantage small business … .and ensure an orderly future for themselves,” by sidling up to Vice President Al Gore’s cause célèbre.

The cap-and-trade bill currently under discussion reveals the truth in the fine print. Each variation of the bill includes funding for workers displaced by the legislation. Why would a bill that’s supposed to bring an avalanche of new, green jobs need such a back-up plan, Horner asks.

Team Obama discusses green jobs in lofty terms without a hint of a downside. They help the environment, reduce unemployment and allow the country to compete in the 21st Century marketplace. The truth, Horner argues, is quite different. Simply put, green jobs are government jobs because they often don’t exist without government support.

Labor unions supported Obama in a big way during his presidential campaign, and now are more than willing to promote green efforts in order “divvy the spoils,” according to David Foster, a spokesman for the Blue-Green Alliance cited in the book.

President Obama can’t come right out and declare what impact his policies will have on the country. But others in the green movement don’t hold their tongues.

Consider Gerd Leipold, the outgoing leader of Greenpeace who went on record saying the Western lifestyle is unsustainable and that his old organization lied to “frighten people into accepting its agenda.”

Or listen to Browner tell U.S. News about a future in which the electric company will be able to hold back some of its juice so a homeowner’s air conditioning system can’t run at full power.

Obama’s policies prop up energy production that’s inefficient and costly while shutting down other energy resources, like nuclear power, that could be both effective and affordable. It’s all about creating scarcity—and a heightened dependence on the government.

The optimistic news is that the public is increasingly skeptical of Obama’s illogical promises, but that only means the administration is ratcheting up the fear-mongering to squeeze in as much changed as possible within the next three years.

Power Grab teems with both inconvenient truths and bold-faced lies told by the administration in order to retrofit the country to fit his green-based delusions.