A Warning of Things to Come

Many times lately I’ve read what will result should the trend in national fertility rates remain unchanged. Assuming these figures are correct, let’s try to make sense of how this will change our World. Since the nations are evolving along with the make up of America, it would be wise to pay attention.

It is said that in order for a country to culturally mark time and maintain itself “as is” for more than twenty-five years, it must have a fertility rate of at least 2.11 children per family. Once a nation slips below an annual fertility rate of 1.9, the downward trend is believed to be irreversible. 

When a family has only one child, that family has half as many children as its parents. If that child follows its parents’ example and it too has only one child, there will be one fourth as many grand children as grand parents. The irreversible declining fertility rate cycle will have begun.

In 2007 the French fertility rate was down to 1.8; England was down to 1.6; Greece was much worse, its fertility rate was down to 1.3. Germany’s rate matched that of Greece. Catholic Italy – a culture that supposedly does not approve of the use of contraceptives — was down to 1.2. Spain, another Catholic country, was hopelessly down to 1.1.

The combined average fertility rate of thirty-one European countries is 1.38. Europe as we know it is well on its way toward extinction. Yet the European continent as a whole is not loosing population. How can this be?

Simply speaking, the mysterious culprit is immigration — Islamic immigration. In a few more years, 2027, one in five Frenchmen will be Muslim. If we extrapolate, we find that in about 40 years, France will be an Islamic Republic. Nearly 50% of all children born in the Netherlands today are Muslim; and in about 15 years half the population of the Netherlands will be Muslim.

So what conclusion is to be drawn from all this? It is stark: in less than 20 years, one third of all European children born will be born to Muslim families. Germany expects to be a Muslim state by the year 2050. Some who now reside in Europe refer to it as Eurabia.

Here in North America, Canada and the United States share matched fertility rates of about 1.6 — minus Latino immigration. Counting Latinos, the rate in the U.S. is about 2.1. Remember, the population replacement rate necessary to sustain a nation’s culture is 2.11.
In 1970 there were one hundred thousand Muslims living in Canada. If immigration rates continue unchanged, it is estimated that Canada will soon have nine million Muslims living within its borders. Thirty years from now, the United States could possibly be home to fifty million Muslims. That would cause America to be a very different nation from the one our Founders created.

Having denied our Christian heritage on more than one occasion, President Obama may be quite content for the United States to lose its national “Christian” identity status and to become a “Muslim” nation. In fact, that may be his long range goal. But Obama is only President; he is not the “American People.”

The real question is what does the average Tea Sipping, Bible toting, hunting rifle carrying, historically savvy American think about these developments? Obviously, our Founders would be quite alarmed by them.

If the average American citizen is content with this state of affairs, then nothing need be done. But for those of us who want to put a stop to these dangerous trends, there are several things that can and should be done. We can begin by electing a Congress and a President who will speedily enforce our existing immigration laws and get control of our borders, so that they are no longer infiltrated by criminals, drug dealers and terrorists.

At the same time a moratorium should be placed on most legal immigration, including stopping the immigration of extended families to join a family member who is already legally living in the United States. Only when our borders are completely under control and our immigration policies fully enforced, should the avenues of legal immigration be restored. And our newly married citizens should be encouraged to have between two and three children per family instead of just one. Regardless of what President Obama has said, children aren’t “punishment.” They are a blessing and the key to America’s future.

Obviously our Founders didn’t envision the need for such harsh and drastic actions. They intended that the door of immigration be held open to all people all the time. They never foresaw the possibility that one day America’s Christian and moral underpinnings would be threatened and abandoned under the guise of political correctness or misguided religious tolerance. America needs to take a long, sober look at the future, and act accordingly.