Armed Narco-Terrorists Caught on Tape Where Arizona Deputy Shot on Friday (VIDEO)

Hidden camera footage captures armed scouts leading a group of drug “mules” toting bales of marijuana through a desert wash 50 miles southwest of Phoenix, Ariz.

This stunning video was recently captured in the very area where an Arizona sheriff’s deputy was shot by narco-terrorists last Friday — about 70 miles north of the border in a well-known drug and human trafficking corridor.

Border Patrol agents already stretched thin at the border are sparse in this particular area because of the distance from the actual border.  Patrols are primarily left to the Pinal County deputy sheriffs.

Part of a series of hidden-camera video around this location obtained over the past few months by a group of Arizona private citizens; cameras are covertly planted along the border frontier in known high-traffic areas where they are triggered by activity within range of the camera’s motion sensors. 

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy Louie Puroll was on patrol Friday afternoon when he was ambushed by five drug smugglers.  He took fire from an AK-47 and was shot in the side above the abdomen.

The deputy returned fire and was able to call for help from his cell phone, but it took over an hour for authorities to find him in the remote location using GPS coordinates from his cell phone.  He has since been treated and released from an area hospital.

The Arizona Daily Star reports 17 suspected  illegal aliens were detained in a sweep of the area involving hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers responding to the deputy’s shooting. 

"The horrendous violence we see by narco-terrorists is uncontrolled, and our own federal government refuses to fulfill its responsibility to secure our border," Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said in a statement in response to the deputy’s shooting.

Brewer has come under political fire from illegal immigration supporters for signing a tough new enforcement bill into law just a week before this latest, high-profile shooting.

The surge in Arizona border violence drew national outrage in March when rancher Robert Krentz and his dog were shot to death by an illegal alien.  Krentz was found on his own property 20 miles north of the border where his family has ranched since before Arizona became a state. 

Law enforcement tracked the shooter back to the Mexico border.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Republican Conference was asked about the new Arizona law on Sunday in an appearance on Meet the Press.

“This is no laughing matter for the people of Arizona who have been profoundly affected by the fact that there’s nearly half a million illegal immigrants and a rampant drug trade and human trafficking trade that’s been besetting,” Pence said.  “Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnapping capitol of the United States of America. I don’t know if this law is perfect, but I do know that it is wrong for officials in this government to throw stones at the people of Arizona as they’re trying to reassert the rule of law in the wake of the fact that this administration and this Congress have been systematically cutting funding to border security since the Democrats took control.”

Citing claims of improved statistics at the border, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, told Fox News Sunday yesterday everything that can be done to secure the border is already being done.

“We are continuing to look at Arizona but I will tell you this; in the end, every resource that can be put at that border is being put at that border, every security’s being made [sic], but we still need comprehensive immigration reform,” Napolitano said.


This from the woman who so famously said, “The system worked” when airline passengers on a Christmas Day flight had to hurl themselves at a smouldering terrorist to stop his attempts to ignite explosives concealed in his underwear.

As was the case with the panty bomber, the system at the border has worked only if the system is designed to allow heavily armed narco-terrorists and human traffickers to cross our southern borders unabated.

As governor of Arizona, Napolitano successfully solicited the Bush administration for the deployment of National Guard troops to the border.  As head of Homeland Security, she has ignored repeated requests for troops from border state governors and members of Congress.

Somehow the National Guard has vanished from Napolitano’s “every resource that can be put at the border” list.

Go figure.

The local group of Arizona citizens covertly planting cameras in border areas maintains a website called Secure Border Intelligence (SBI).  The group’s website says its aim is to document the border lawlessness.

More video of the sustained flow of illegal aliens and drugs over the border is available at the SBI website.


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