Shocking Look at the Arizona-Mexico Border (VIDEO)


Ever wondered what the U.S. border with Mexico really looks like? 

Thousands of people are crossing illegally over the nearly 2,000 miles of open border every single day right now.  Because of the milder temperatures, April and October have the highest illegal traffic. 

The cold, hard facts have real consequences. 

This is not a video of a landfill — it’s what’s called a “lay-up” site.  Human smugglers herd people like cattle into areas where they lay low sometimes for days while evading Border Patrol.  From these sites they move in smaller groups to disperse throughout the United States.   

These lay-up sites exist all along the southern border region.  This particular area is near Three Points, Arizona — 40 miles north of the border.

There are no dedicated government resources to the clean up these lay-up sites.  Unless ranchers or citizen volunteers clean it up, the trash just stays there.

This actual video first surfaced during the 2008 Republican presidential primary.  The American people have not yet begun to see the reality of the situation at our southern border with Mexico.