Proof That You Can't Trust Promises on Immigration Reform

Picture this, you’re sleeping safe in the confines of your own home, and you hear a noise in the kitchen so you get out of bed to check it out. The next thing you see is a Mexican rummaging through your refrigerator because he is crossing the US border illegally and is thirsty or hungry.

What can you do to protect yourself? In many cases home owners close to the border in states like Arizona put refrigerators outside to avoid run-ins with the migrants.

Other residents (like recently murdered rancher Robert Krentz) face more dangerous migrants who are involved in high profile drug cartel operations, and despite their efforts to help Mexicans (by putting refrigerators outside) they are shot to death along with their dog.

Public discourse around the country after the murder of Mr. Krentz  has now returned to illegal immigration and its consequences to the United States. On Monday, Arizona
passed a tough illegal immigration law that would require state police to make sure people “of reasonable suspicion” are legal citizens.

The same day Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl called for the immediate deployment of more National Guard Troops to the Arizona-Mexico border.

"Border violence has spiraled out of control, and Arizona has been disproportionately hit," said McCain.

Duh. This is not a new problem Senators.

So is McCain speaking out now merely because there is a Republican primary election for his Senate seat in August?  A recent poll puts McCain only five points ahead his challenger J.D. Hayworth.

Immigration has always been a key issue among conservatives, and in 2008 every single candidate including Barack Obama made promises to heighten border security.

Yet his administrations actions have reflected little concern on immigration reform (for example: spending over a year to ram through a partisan healthcare law that over half the country apposed).

During his bid for president McCain said “I want to assure you that I’ll enforce the borders first, that as president of the United States, we’ll solve this immigration problem. And we won’t demagogue it. And we won’t have sanctuary cities.”

Yet since Obama’s election, and while McCain still remains a senator, border patrol agents have been shot to death, thousands of incidents of attacks on agents have been reported, homes close to the border have been robbed and terrorists have received funds through drugs smuggled from Mexican cartels.

A new Rasmussen poll released today shows that 70% of likely Arizona voters approve of the recent tough immigration legislation passed this week.

With the mid-term elections approaching this fall, will politicians really DO SOMETHING to secure our borders or will it be all smoke and mirrors in order to get votes.