Police Stymied in Violent Attack Against Jindal Staffer

Nearly two weeks have passed since a top aide to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was assaulted shortly after an angry crowd protested outside a GOP fundraiser. The New Orleans police have yet to name a suspect or make an arrest.

On April 9, Allie Bautsch, a top fundraiser for Gov. Jindal, and her boyfriend were followed and attacked less than two blocks away from the event. Bautsch suffered a horrific broken leg while her boyfriend, Joseph Brown, sustained a concussion and a broken nose and jaw.
The attack came after the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) held a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for Gov. Jindal at Brennan’s Restaurant. The fundraiser was attended by Republican Governors Haley Barbour (Miss.) and Rick Perry (Tex.).

Outside of Brennan’s, protesters chanted of “Hey-hey, ho-ho; Bobby Jindal has got to go!”

Signs at the protest included an anarchist symbol—the capital “A” inside a circle—and other slogans, such as “Tax the Rich” and “Ruling Class Robbers,” and an obscene criticism of capitalism.

The protesters crowded around the restaurant, and made it difficult for dignitaries in attendance at the fundraiser to leave the premises.

The state GOP Chairman Roger Villere, Jr. said he tried to leave the restaurant with his group of a half-dozen people, but the building’s front entrance was blocked by the protesters. Villere, in an interview with the Lincoln Parish News Online, said his party left through the back entrance and was spotted by some of the protesters, who proceeded to chase them. His party was able to hail a cab before the pursuers caught up with them.
Villere thought that the protest began peacefully, but was eventually overtaken by “professional agitators” who were present in New Orleans to protest the SRLC. 

According to the police report, the protest began to subside around 9:30 p.m. after many of the dignitaries attending the event had left. About an hour later, Bautsch and Brown left the restaurant and made their way toward the Omni-Royal hotel, located around the corner from Brennan’s.
The couple heard “cat calls” and then crossed the street, and continued walking towards the intersection, according to the police report.  They heard people behind them screaming obscenities. Brown said they were not sure if the shouts were directed at them until they neared the intersection.
After they turned the corner, Brown said he was shoved into a gate in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court, across the street from the hotel.
Brown was jumped from behind and attacked, while Bautsch tried to break up the fight and fell to the ground, either pushed or falling on her own accord. She screamed out in pain, saying that her leg was broken. The attackers then ran off and two police officers arrived on the scene.
Brown said that the attackers were white males and “three to five” in number, but he could only describe the main assailant — a white male in his late twenties, 6’ 1” with a thin build, a dark brown beard and long dark red hair in a ponytail. 

Brown was not sure if the attackers were protesters from the event, according to the police report. Bautsch’s mother, Della Berning, said in an interview with Yahoo News that the couple believed the attackers were political protesters who tracked them from the GOP fundraiser.

Gov. Jindal’s office has remained silent about the incident except for one statement. Jindal’s office told HUMAN EVENTS that there was no evidence the attackers were protesters, and that the governor’s office would not comment further while the New Orleans Police Department investigated the case. So far no one has been arrested nor has anyone been indicted.

 The incident was has largely gone unreported, with the exception of HUMAN EVENTS, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Associated Press.