UPDATE: New Bayou Beatdown Protest VIDEO Surfaces

In the wake of reports of the beating of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s top fundraiser, Allee Bautsch, and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, outside a high-dollar GOP fundraiser in New Orleans, video of the protest placed on YouTube by individuals involved began to disappear.

New Orleans City Business had a video reporter on scene and their footage of the protest outside Brennan’s Restaurant is now available via local news outlet The Hayride with much more in their latest update.

The video shows footage of the protesters marching to Brennan’s Restaurant and intermittent cuts of their chanting, rushing the door of the venue and aggressive behavior toward guests entering and exiting the restaurant.

Of special note in the video is the gauntlet of profanity and jeers the $10,000 per plate fundraiser attendees (denoted by their name tags) were forced to endure exiting the event. 

Bautsch and Brown were subjected to the same behavior – they were followed and verbally assaulted as they walked to their car then beaten but not robbed by the group of assailants.

Bautsch’s leg was “stomped” causing breaks in four places that required surgery, a steel rod and seven screws to reconstruct. Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose, a brain concussion and black eye.

The assailants were described as five Caucasian males, the main assailant looking “dirty” (but not homeless), with dark red ponytail and a beard.  The new video offers a plethora of possibilities.

The protest signs in this new video include some of those reported in yesterday’s update on HUMAN EVENTS that sport the capital “A” with a circle, an anarchist gang-style symbol, and signs sported by University of New Orleans "UNO" professors and students taking part in the protest.

The main group planning the protest according to their leaflets was The Iron Rail Collective, a New Orleans-based anarchist group in the vein of those who make news in America and worldwide as they trash and burn cities whenever and wherever world leaders meet.

At one point in the video a restaurant staffer tried to inform the protest mob blocking the venue entrance that Jindal and his party had already left the event.  The protesters shouted “go home” and the restaurant staffer responded, “I live here.”

That Jindal had already left the event had no effect on the protesters’ aggressive stance as later in the video they simply switched the focus of their vitriol from Jindal to event attendees as they tried to leave the venue. reported yesterday that when asked about the incident, Jindal said the couple is now recovering at home after receiving serious injuries.

“We’re going to refrain from commenting on it,” Jindal said.  “We certainly keep her in our thoughts and prayers.  I know she appreciates many people asked about her. She is home, which is a positive step.”