Would You Rather Go to the Dentist Than Do Your Taxes?

Rasmussen Reports released a video today talking about how 40% of Americans think filling out income tax paperwork is worse than going to the dentist, and 41% of Americans prefer the paperwork.  Interestingly, the number of those who prefer the dentist to tax paperwork has gone down over the past few years.  

But if you’re in that 40% who think it’s less painful to pull teeth than figuring out W-9s, take a look at this idea Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has wanted to implement for awhile: he wants Americans to be able to file their taxes on the back of a postcard, if they so choose.

Obviously, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the tax system, but if that idea of filing on a postcard isn’t attractive, I’m Kobe Bryant.

Unfortunately, the idea seems doomed to become another example of how it’s so easy for a good idea to get lost in Washington during Pelosi’s “most open and most ethical Congress in history.” In the current climate, the idea of big, bad insurance companies become a crisis, but big, bad government doesn’t.