Sorry Charlie, Rubio's a Rockstar

Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio continues to emerge as a GOP rock star appearing on Fox News’ "Hannity" last night. Sean Hannity taped his show from The Villages, Fla., spotlighting Rubio’s four-day bus tour across the state.

HUMAN EVENTS reporter Elisabeth Meinecke — on the trail with Rubio and his campaign — spoke with him yesterday about conservative darling Sarah Palin’s invitation for Rubio to “call her.”

See what Rubio told Meinecke in her story, and look for more reports from Meinecke traveling with Rubio.

While the Republican primary in Florida is months away (Aug 31), HUMAN EVENTS Key Race Roundup shows Rubio leading Gov. Charlie Crist by 57% to 28%.

Some Crist advisors are suggesting that he abandon the GOP ship and run as an Independent, according to the Wall Street Journal. Crist’s campaign is saying these reports are “baseless rumors.”

While Crist is spending millions of dollars on negative attack ads on Rubio, Rubio’s campaign barely mentions Crist. "I’m not spending a single second trying to convince you the people I’m running against are bad or people you should hate," Rubio told the St. Petersburg Times.

It seems that the Republican base in Florida is looking for a GOP candidate that actually is a conservative and doesn’t just claim to be one. Sorry Charlie.