Conservative Comedian Monologues on Obama and Tiger

President Barack Obama is keeping up the pressure on Israel to cancel the construction of apartments in East Jerusalem.  Yeah, apparently Obama’s not satisfied ruining the housing market in just one country.

In what is thought to be ground-breaking journalism, Harry Smith of CBS news interviewed Barack Obama while playing basketball with him.  Basketball with Harry Smith?  What’s next, Tetherball with Helen Thomas?

It was a very athletic day for Smith, first he played basketball, then he lobbed softballs.


Monday the President held the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn.  It was good to finally see a Democrat rolling something other than a taxpayer.

The event was almost cancelled this year because of a lack of eggs.  But then Harry Reid’s supporters showed up and everything was okay.


Believe it or not, a giant pillow fight took place in Washington over the weekend.  Even stranger, Eric Massa had nothing to do with it.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though.  Apparently they were also testing out Obama’s new missile-defense system.

Legal challenges continue to mount against tour Leftist in chief’s healthcare scheme and are expected to go all the way to the Supreme Court where Democrats will argue that it’s legal because of the right of the federal government to regulate interstate commerce, while the Republicans will argue that it’s illegal because, thanks to the Obama economy, there is no interstate commerce.

Tiger Woods returned to golf this week and apparently there are no hard feelings.  In fact, every other golfer wanted to be in Tiger’s foursome.  Some of them also wanted to play golf with him.

Some players have voiced concern about Tiger’s returning to the links.  Not so much because they disapprove of what he did, they just don’t want to be near him when he drives his cart.