Obama Greeted by Boos at Nats Stadium

President Obama tossed the ceremonial opening pitch of the 2010 baseball season this afternoon in Washington, but as he emerged from the home dugout he was greeted with plenty of boos along with the cheers. The boos seemed to subside as he walked out past the first base line to the pitchers mound, as seen and heard in the Politico video below.

The Washington Post reported that President Obama walked out of the Washington Nationals dugout to the mound to “roughly 90 percent cheers.”  Listen to the video and decide if it can even be determined “what percent” of the crowd was cheering.

The first pitch sailed out of Obama’s hand and disappeared off the screen, forcing Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to jump out of his catching squat and step over to snag the pitch, which settled high and well outside of the strike zone.