RedState Morning Briefing

RedState Morning Briefing
For March 30, 2010

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1. A Brief Analysis of the Legal Challenges to Obamacare

I had the opportunity last Friday to speak with South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, who graciously made himself available to me to answer some questions about the legal challenges to the Obamacare bill. I have, in private, expressed skepticism about the legal merits of these challenges, for a couple of reasons: first, any challenge asserting that Congress has exceeded the scope of their authority under the Commerce Clause has not had a very good success rate in the past century, and second, I am skeptical of the arguments I have heard thus far for why the states in particular have standing to bring suit. Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Repeal Obamacare and Save our Economy

Last week, President Obama signed into law the Democrats’ trillion-dollar health care takeover, meaning that one-sixth of the United States economy has now come under the purview of the federal government. This reckless bill will only further burden our already struggling economic sector, and we’re already seeing proof of that as companies like Caterpillar and AT&T are announcing the financial blow this bill will take on their bottom line. Punishing businesses is not what we want with unemployment sitting around 10%. We can’t waste any time in repealing this bill, and I have already introduced legislation in the House that would repeal it completely. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Permanence, Change, and American Exceptionalism

Yesterday, I was reading an article [make sure to read the whole thing] from National Review’s print edition written by Richard Lowry & Ramesh Ponnuru. In this article Ponnoru and Lowry do well in explaining the roots of American exceptionalism, and how the same has become a part of the core of our culture. Here is the definition of American exceptionalism distilled to a single paragraph. "The late Seymour Martin Lipset defined it as liberty, equality (of opportunity and respect), individualism, populism, and laissez-faire economics. The creed combines with other aspects of the American character — especially our religiousness and our willingness to defend ourselves by force — to form the core of American exceptionalism." After their brief history, the National Review duo then pivot their focus to the Obama administration’s agenda and it’s discomfort with American exceptionalism. As is pointed out, this feeling of discomfort is mutual … Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. DNC risks dead GOP Congressman… for $505.

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the FBI has arrested one Norman Leboon for death threats made against Congressman Eric Cantor, in the wake of the Democratic National Committee’s fear-mongering fundraising drive regarding… threats of organized GOP violence. This is not, by the way, the first time that Leboon has fallen for the Democratic’s party cynical agitprop; he was one of the plaintiffs in an anti-FISA lawsuit a few years back. So there’s a history there of him believing whatever nonsense that the Democrats fed him. Well. Turns out he’s an Obama contributor from 2008, too. See here for the H/T, and see here for a video where he identifies himself as “Norman Leboon Sr.” Sounds good enough to avoid the question mark I had in the title, so I’d like to ask Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic National Committee something (seeing as he was the guy who so publicly dismissed the need to ratchet down the rhetoric): what are you going to do to get rid of this blood money, Brad? I mean, personally. And another question: what were you going to say to Eric Cantor’s wife if the FBI hadn’t caught this guy in time? Assuming that it wouldn’t have been a moot point anyway. Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. VAT Tax – You Aint Seen Nothin Yet

If you don’t know what the VAT tax is, please read this article by Charles Krauthammer. Many people have been pushing for a flat tax, or a fair tax, which is similar to VAT tax, but proponents of those don’t assume that they would be added ON TOP OF the existing taxes we pay. With the VAT, however, the government will be able to impose even more taxes on us, and make the businesses and producers (that are adding value to products) hide the tax. They will be taxed, but will charge the next business down the line until the last person holding the bag is “We the People”. Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Supporting Nikki Haley Must be a Priority, Even if You Don’t Live in South Carolina

I’m sure some people get tired of me saying it, but we have to get conservatives elected nation wide. It is not enough to focus on Washington. It is not enough to focus on our own state. We need to look across the country and find good conservatives down to the local level. That’s one reason I like groups like American Majority. They are going into states and training the next generation of conservative leaders at the local level. Somewhere between town council and the United States Senate though are those candidates who have a measurable, tangible, real impact on national issues, but are in the states. Governors are like that. Think of the real impact Bobby Jindal has had on the health care debate. Or Rick Perry. Or, in a negative way, Charlie Crist and the stimulus. We have to support good candidates wherever they are. That is why we have to support Nikki Haley. She is unquestionably conservative. She is unquestionably committed to limited government. She is not afraid to fight. Make a pledge for Nikki’s money bomb. Let her know you will help. If you can give a lot, do. If you only give a little, give what you can. We need leaders like Nikki. We can do this. But we must act now. Put it to you this way: I’m going to pledge $500.00. That’s more than I can afford, frankly, and more than I’ve given even to Marco Rubio. But it’s going to take some sacrifice on our part to raise up an army of new conservative leaders. Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. We’re Taxing Tanning Booths, So Why Not Nail Salons?

One of the many features of the Health Care Bill that Nancy Pelosi was oh-so-anxious that we boobs find out about is a new 10% tax on tanning services. That one somehow slipped past most Americans as they watched the President’s promised coverage of the health care deliberations on CSPAN. (*Clears throat*) Most “progressive” initiatives have a “Women and Minorities Hardest Hit” angle. This victim-du-jour is less appealing: “Middle- and Upper-Middle Class White Women Hardest Hit”. If the TanningTax is such a good idea, why not extend it to nail salons? Please click here for the rest of the post.