Top 10 Reasons To Fire Nancy Pelosi

Compiled by the Republican National Committee

1.  Pelosi called opponents of government-run healthcare experiment "un-American."

2.  Pelosi once again ignored the will of the American people and voted again to pass their government-run healthcare experiment.

3.  The healthcare vote came just four months after Pelosi rammed through a $1.2 trillion healthcare bill on a Saturday night.

4.  Leading up to the vote, Pelosi made clear once Democrats "Kick open that door … there will be other legislation to follow … we’ll take the country in a new direction." 

5.  Pelosi claims to be unaware of the behavior of disgraced former Rep. Eric Massa, and continued to defend Rep. Charlie Rangel despite Ethics Committee admonishment.

6.  In June, Pelosi "laid down the gauntlet" to rush through cap-and-trade national energy tax.

7.  In February of last year, Pelosi passed President Obama’s $862 billion stimulus, promising to create jobs. Yet since then, America has lost 3.3 million jobs.

8.  Pelosi has failed to run House in spirit of bipartisanship, with Democratic members being "explicitly told not to work with Republicans."

9.  Despite Pelosi’s promising "the most open and honest government in history," even a Democratic member admits "caucus is a real disappointment" because they "aren’t transparent.

10.  Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to her and to Congress on use of interrogation techniques.